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The Most Downloaded Movies of March 11 2016

Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition of the most downloaded movies of the week for March 11, 2016. This week we see the horrendous remake of Point Break take the top spot as I wonder what it is all of you are doing out there? Is this, like, a movie torture thing with an S&M vibe?

Besides Point Break, this week saw Daddy’s Home, the Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg dad-fight, enter the list at number 2. I can’t blame any of you who downloaded that, it’s a funny movie. It’s recent release on DVD no doubt sparked you all to get a better version than the usual handi-cam that circulated prior to the DVD’s release.

Climbing back into the top 5 is Deadpool. As I said last week, please do yourself a HUGE favour and see it in your local theatre before you download. The big screen experienced is necessary for the best experience, I’m on my way for a third viewing this weekend! Making a return to the list was The Martian. This movie has serious awards potential written all over it, watch for it at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards, Matt Damon may be walking away with a moon man for his astronaut movie!

I’d like to remind you again that this list is for your information only. I do not recommend downloading illegal, copyright protected torrents. If you choose to, you must protect yourself against a DMCA notice, with a VPN provider which will mask your activities.

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This list is built using aggregate data pulled from the best meta-search engines for torrent discovery. All of the information here is for your information only as we do not promote the distribution of copyrighted materials.