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Two New IPVanish App Updates Reviewed

I don’t know what it is that drives them, but despite already being the top ranked VPN in our review the team at IPVanish continue to grow and innovate. The desktop VPN client was already something we spoke of highly in their review, and their Android app was no slouch either. Both have received an update worth talking about.

IPVanish desktop client update

I logged into my IPVanish account on Monday to get to work behind their excellent online privacy, to see this screen pop up:

ipvanish app update mac

I immediately downloaded it and got to work on seeing what had actually improved. I can say for sure that:

  • Their server list order has improved. I have also noticed that the server list is quicker to respond to my sorting commands.
  • The fix to the speed graph is appreciated. When you’re not paying close attention, and you want to see what kind of bandwidth you’re using while, say, downloading and working, it’s nice to know you have a consistent unit of measurement to look at.
  • It does not appear that updates automatically update and download. Mine still has the auto-check for updates feature selected.
  • The ability to login with your email rather than a username you forgot months ago is appreciated!

While none of these IPVanish client updates are changing the VPN world, they are good touches to an already high quality product. Did I say ‘high quality’? I meant ‘the best there is.’

IPVanish app updates for Android

Because updating one of their VPN clients wasn’t enough, IPVanish also rolled out two great updates for their already exceptional Android VPN app. You’ll need v1.5.5 to enjoy these benefits:

  • Server Search: You can now search for specific servers based on their name, or their location. Prior to this you could do these same searches, but the app would crash if you turned your device sideways. This was simply unacceptable to IPVanish and they worked to get it fixed.
  • Server List Caching: For those who are in locations where IPVanish.com is blocked, you can now store a list of servers in the app. This could be HUGE for those facing this issue.
  • Bug fixes: Devices using OnePlus2 had been reporting problems with the VPN app getting stuck at the connecting screen. This has been fixed. There are also some minor crashing upon launch bugs that have been fixed, and some app performance issues.

The nifty server cache lists look pretty good:

ipvanish app update android

In short, if you liked IPVanish’s VPN app before, you’ll like it even more now after these updates. If you haven’t tried them already …see the button below!

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