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Before you buy a VPN suitable for Your Needs from the first company you find, check the reviews. We test, review and rate the top services for Vpn99 Review. We want to make sure you get the highest quality Vpn99 Review, the fastest turnaround time, the best support, the lowest price, and the guarantees to back it up. Don’t waste your money on scams or poor-quality providers.

Avoid the scams and use the services that actually work below:

VPN99 is a Welsh-owned VPN, registered in England, with it’s team in Eastern Europe and it’s actual servers located in the Seychelles. This complicated structure has been built with one goal in mind: To offer a VPN of quality for $0.99 per month, hence their name of VPN99!

While their price is very enticing, they do still have some issues to correct. For one, they need a kill switch. They state that having a simpler client has lead them to having a cheaper product, but this is one case where you can’t cut corners. Customer support also only seems concerned with sales rather than actual support. They also only offer two devices per license, when the lowest we’d seen before was three, and most providers offering five. Most damaging is they offer no P2P support.

There’s no denying that they have a great price point for what they offer, and what they offer isn’t terrible, but there are other VPNs which are just plain better at price points which aren’t too high. Read our reviews of the Best Cheap VPN Providers to discover better options for an affordable price.


Our VPN99 review really wanted to get a look at their features to see if they cut corners to offer this VPN at such a low price, but unfortunately VPN99 doesn’t say much. They use a lot of marketing-speak to fluff themselves up. They talk about their “super IP changer program” on their Google Play page, but that’s just describing the most basic function of a VPN!

Here’s what we could piece together from what we found:

  • Some sort of ad-blocking feature.
  • 2048-bit key encryption
  • Apps for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Ubuntu, Chrome, Firefox, and Mikrotik routers
  • No speed or data limits
  • No logging policy on traffic

We found this after reading through some very poorly written text and made some assumptions about what was meant as the text was very poorly written. What we do know is that:

  • They do not have a kill switch feature.
  • They do not support P2P.
  • There is no indication that they’ve developed any tech of their own.

They have skated by with the minimal number of features to be a VPN provider, and it shows in what you get and their price point. We highly recommend a feature-laden provider such as IPVanish over them.

Servers & countries

This is another aarea of weakness for VPN99’s review. They currently only offer servers in these countries:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • USA (New York and Dallas)
  • United Kingdom

Their server in Russia should be a write-off at this point in regards to privacy with Russia controlling all VPN servers in the country. That leaves them with four countries worth trusting, and that simply pales in comparison to a cheap provider like Cyberghost VPN with servers in 60+ countries at $2.75 per month.

We looked everywhere to find information about their server numbers, but found no information. With servers in only five countries, it is unlikely that they have much of a network. Not saying how many servers they have is also a bad sign.

Reliability & Speed Tests

This is yet another area where VPN99 relies on using marketing jargon, rather than real numbers, to sell their service. They only claim to never limit your speed or data, but make no mention of what their servers are actually capable of.

Given their limited number of servers, the chances of you being able to find a server near you, for low ping rates that promote speed and reliability, are low.

Pricing & Payments

VPN99 only has one pricing plan:

  • $0.99 per month, billed monthly

That’s it. Seeing as how they built their entire identity around this concept, we didn’t expect much else. It would be nice to have an option to pay all at once for a year in advance, but this is what they do.

They accept payments via:

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Not a bad selection, it’s always good to see payment via cryptocurrency with a VPN.


Support has been a big issue with VPN99, especially after reading community sites and hearing from our readers. They consistently ignore support, but respond quickly to sales inquiries. They have no live chat support. He’s what you will find for support on their site:

  • Email: Both Support(at)VPN99.com and Sales(at)VPN99.com are said to be active.
  • FAQ: This poorly written FAQ section answers the most basic questions, but honestly our own FAQ page about VPNs does a better job.
  • Tutorials: VPN99 does a really good job here as they show you, step by step, how to download, install, and use their VPN app. Every platform for which they have clients is covered.

We guess this is the type of support you get for 99 cents per month. It’s disappointing, and needs work before they can rank better on our list of the best VPN providers.

Policies & logging

The first three major policies of VPN99 that we want to look at are its logging policy, refund policy and P2P policy:

  • Logging: They claim to have no logging, and have their servers based in the Seychelles. Unfortunately, they’re registered as a company in England, with offices in Wales. They’re very much within the 5 eyes countries, and it seems odd that they arranged this way.
  • Refunds: Only available within the first 24 hours. This is stated clearly on their website, as well as in their terms of service.
  • P2P: They do not allow P2P traffic of any kind. This puts them way down our list of top VPNs, especially after going through all the trouble of putting their servers in the Seychelles. Why did they bother?

The details of their policies are found in these three documents:

  • Privacy policy: This states that they collect your email address, IP address, browser and OS, and basic billing data. They state that this is all kept private as per the GDPR regulations, and it’s only used to track usage, and also use cookies and analytics for this purpose. You have the standard GDPR rights to request all information they have on you, and can ask for all your information to be deleted.
  • Terms of service: They clearly outline that no activity on their service is to break any law, and that the user is responsible for themselves if they break a law. A unique point brought up is that if the service is down for more than 12 hours they will extend the service of all impacted users by the amount of time it was down.
  • Data retention policy: This is a very long and drawn out documenting how they simply comply with the laws of the GDRP. So instead of actually basing themselves in the Seychelles, and observing the very lenient laws there, they are bound by the laws of the European Union. It’s important to note that they do not log web activity.

These are good policies, but they could have been so much better if they registered in the Seychelles rather than the UK.

Expert recommendations

There isn’t much going on with VPN99 besides their exemplary price. You don’t pay much, but you also don’t get much in return in reference to their server network, VPN features, and support. These are three very important areas, and they need to improve if they want to have a selling feature beyond their price.

While we do commend them for trying to make VPNs cheaper, and therefore more accessible to everyone, there’s something to be said about cutting prices to the point where it impacts the customer service and product. They’re the Walmart of VPNs, and that is not meant in a good way. Look to the example set by the best VPN providers we’ve come across, and think again if you really want this bargain basement VPN.


How Do We Rate VPNs?

Our ratings for vpn99 review are based on our professional experience and extensive tests with VPN providers between April 2014 – July 2014, taking into account user feedback and reviews we receive. As a friendly disclosure, some VPN providers do compensate us for customers we refer them, but this in no way effects their ranking on our website, nor our reviews.


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