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Whoer VPN Review

Established in 2008 in Cyprus, Whoer VPN is a VPN provider with some perks and many downsides. Reviewing this provider was a bumpy ride, considering that it has major gaps in many sections.

The feature set is okay, but we had to go through a lot of trouble just to find out what are Whoer VPN’s features. Its server network is below average, and it is one of the many reasons why Whoer VPN can’t be classified as a top VPN provider. Its customer support is also poor. Even though it has live chat support, we weren’t happy with how we were treated. Whoer VPN offers free and paid services, but with its prices, we reckon you can have better choices. The most depressing part is that Whoer VPN doesn’t have customer protection policies.

Even though Whoer VPN offers some intriguing features, this provider isn’t worth the hassle. We recommend that you take a look at these top VPN providers that we have reviewed on our website.


We have to point out in our Whoer VPN review that they don’t have the best website in terms of organization. Its VPN features should be easy to spot upon glancing at the website. To find out the offered features, we had to ask the live chat support instead. This is not something that clients are accustomed to. Here are the features offered by Whoer VPN:

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth for premium accounts
  • Unlimited speed for premium accounts
  • Kill switch
  • Torrenting support
  • Up to three devices with one account
  • No-logging policy

This set of features is not that bad. We have to say though that we were disappointed in the way Whoer VPN presents none of these details on its website.  

Countries & servers

Whoer VPN has a server network which can be classified as mediocre. There are 25 servers in 16 countries, which is nothing compared to the best VPNs in the industry. IPVanish alone has 1100+ severs in 60+ countries.

Whoer VPN Countries & Servers

Whoer VPN does have servers in some of the most popular countries, but this is not enough to convince us that this provider is suited for geo-unblocking.

The physical distance between the VPN servers and your device directly impact the speed and stability of your Internet connection. The farther you are from a VPN server, there’s a high probability that your Internet connection will be slower. It’s likely you’ll get a less than perfect connection out of Whoer.

If geo-unblocking is the main reason why you need a VPN, take a look at some of the top VPNs specializing in unblocking geo-restricted content.

Speed & reliability

Whoer VPN doesn’t disclose any information about its VPN connection speed on its website. Once again, we had to reach live support to ask about this information. The response we received was immediate, but the answer is not informative enough:

Whoer VPN Speed

Such vague answers don’t do much to help us learn more about the speed and stability of Whoer VPN’s connection. Given that its server network is relatively small, we still think the size of its server network may negatively impact the speed and stability of its VPN connection.

Pricing & payments

Whoer VPN offers free and paid VPN plans. The free trial comes with limited features; its primary goal is to entice you into subscribing to paid solutions. Whoer VPN has three different pricing plans, each one consisting of the same features. The paid plans differ only in the time required for subscription.

Whoer VPN Pricing and Payments

The one-year plan offers the biggest savings, allowing users to save up to 60%. Whoer VPN accepts payments through PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and electronic currencies. This may look like a great deal, but Cyberghost VPN’s best offer is $2.50/month, and they have over 3500 servers!


Whoer VPN offers poor customer support. Even though there is live chat support, we weren’t delighted with their response and how they treated our inquiries. On the website, you will find the following customer support:

  • Blog
  • Knowledge base
  • Articles
  • Live chat
  • Email support

As we mentioned, we weren’t exactly satisfied with the live chat support. The response to our questions were prompt, but the answers were mostly brief and uninformative. Whoer VPN doesn’t even have an FAQ section, a cornerstone of excellent customer support.

Policies & logging

This area is another big reason why Whoer VPN can’t be ranked as a top provider—Whoer VPN doesn’t have customer protection policies on its website. No privacy policy, no refund policy, and no terms of service. We found this to be odd, so we asked live support. We got this response:

Whoer VPN Protection Policies

This is very disappointing, so we can’t recommend this VPN provider. Upon talking further with customer support, we found out that Whoer VPN does have refund and no-logging policies:

Whoer VPN Refund Policy

The time for refund is relatively short; you must submit a request within seven days after purchasing the VPN services to be eligible for a full refund. Whoer VPN claims not to monitor and log your online activity, the only good thing about the company’s protection policies.

Expert recommendation

Whoer VPN is a below-average VPN provider. Our experience with this provider was mostly poor. There wasn’t any single aspect of its website that impressed us. The features are okay, but the company should have openly displayed such details on the website for clients to see them. The server network is insufficient, with only 25 VPN servers across 16 countries. Customer support is also bad, and there’s no FAQ section on the website.

The most frustrating thing about Whoer VPN is that it lacks protection policies. Even though the company claims to have a seven-day money-back guarantee and a no-logging policy, such things should have been written out and posted publicly to be deemed as accurate.

Whoer VPN has a long way to go if it aims to be classified among the top VPN providers. A name change may do them a world of good. We suggest that you take a look at the top 5 VPN providers we have reviewed on our website to find the perfect fit for you.

Whoer VPN Review