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Find А World Cup Stream & Watch Тhe International Matches

The World Cup. The one-month super-exciting event that has people all around the world in a football frenzy mode. Even when the World Cup is over and the dust has settled, people don’t have to be too sad because the qualifiers are just around the corner and there are plenty of international football matches to […]

The World Cup. The one-month super-exciting event that has people all around the world in a football frenzy mode. Even when the World Cup is over and the dust has settled, people don’t have to be too sad because the qualifiers are just around the corner and there are plenty of international football matches to entertain us.

When it comes to watching the World Cup and international football matches, we all know how it can be difficult to find a good stream that doesn’t show too many ads and doesn’t lag every other second. That’s why, to help you be better prepared for upcoming football matches, I wrote this article that will help you watch the best World Cup streams in a secure way.

Choose a VPN to watch the World Cup

Streaming on the Internet without the necessary protection can be potentially risky. In order to keep your online security and privacy intact, you need to be fully prepared. How can you do that, you ask? The answer is simple – choose a quality and reliable VPN. Here’s what a VPN can do for you when you want to watch live World Cup streams and international matches:

  • Faster streaming: Using a VPN will allow you to watch faster broadcasts over choosing a proxy, as a VPN service routes your connection away from more crowded servers in your area and guides it towards those which have their numbers controlled. It can also help you bypass any throttling your ISP could be imposing on your streaming activities.
  • Protect your personal information: A VPN will prevent malicious sites from stealing your personal information, and also prevent others from knowing what sites you’re connecting to and what you’re watching (such as your snitching ISP).
  • Access to geo-restricted streams: VPNs allow you to access geo-restricted websites by hiding your real IP address and connecting you to a server which grants you a new one. You can watch streams which are restricted in your country simply by selecting a server which is located in the same country as the website you want to access. This will allow you to open streaming websites in other countries, which is good news for expats who just want to hear a local announcer call the match.

The benefits that come from choosing a good VPN for geo-unblocking prior to playing your World Cup stream are vast. If you need more help, go to the bottom of this article for our “Find the right VPN for World Cup streaming” for the basics, “Find the right VPN for World Cup streaming” heading for more on what else a VPN can do, or read our heading on “How to set up a VPN.” If you’re ready to go, here are the top 3 we recommend for geo-unblocking:

Rank #1
$2.50 / mo
Rank #1
$2.50 / mo
Excellent Anonymous & High Performance VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • 3,670+ servers in 60+ countries
  • 7 Simultaneous Connections
  • No Logging & Accepts CryptoCurrency
  • 45 Day Refund Policy
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Rank #1
$2.50 / mo




CyberGhost VPN are definitely a top 5 VPN provider. Reading their privacy policy, and the fact that they do allow p2p and torrenting traffic on nearly all servers, you may rank them as your top choice for a VPN if you do a lot of downloading. Their software has features, like their killswitch, that put them on par with the top of the line VPN clients available. For fun, they also have a cute the animation that makes the experience that much more pleasant. They also benefit from being located in Romania as this country is well known for online privacy rights. What’s holding them back from the top spot is their connections do drop slightly more often than we'd like, otherwise they might be #1. Their VPN Kill Switch does save you from being exposed, but no problems would be better than a solution to a problem. For the price you pay for their VPN service, one of the lowest in the industry, and all the features of their software, you can’t go wrong when you choose CyberGhost as your VPN provider.

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Rank #1
$2.50 / mo

Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Paul on CyberGhost

I have been using it primarily to download stuff online and it works great. It has great speeds and very minimal loss of connection which is usually handled fast enough by their very reliable customer... View More

by Eric on CyberGhost

I love the fact that users data is protected and deleted every 24 hours so my privacy is guaranteed. Their speeds are also remarkably fast and am able to stream my favourite shows without any glitches... View More

by Benjamin on CyberGhost

I do a lot of P2P downloading and have tried quite a number of different VPN services. So far this ranks as the best if your main interest is p2p and torrenting. You will get great speeds as well.

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Rank #2
$8.32 / mo
Rank #2
$8.32 / mo
Huge network, great country selection, average software
  • Huge server network
  • Wide variety of countries
  • Available on many operating systems
  • Easy connectivity
  • Little information on VPN client features
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Rank #2
$8.32 / mo




ExpressVPN is among the best VPN providers with a software package that will satisfy the needs of most VPN users. Use ExpressVPN if you want:

  • A ‘one button’ approach to connectivity.
  • A consistent connection speed with few drops.
  • To be able to download via P2P and torrenting.
  • A wide range of server host countries for unlocking geo-blocked content.
  • IP, DNS, and IPv6 leaks protection.
If you’re willing to pay a premium price for the feature-rich software package and the huge VPN server numbers, then ExpressVPN is a good choice for you. Check them out, or other VPN providers that we’ve tested and reviewed, by clicking on the links below.

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Rank #2
$8.32 / mo

Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Jeremiah on Express VPN

Expree VPN has given me a consistent connection fast speeds with very limited drops. I am able to comfortably download huge files via P2P and torrenting something that i couldn't do before getting express... View More

by Maria on Express VPN

This is my third month using this service. Over this period i have enjoyed a consistent connection with good speeds and very few drops.Their customer support especially via email are great. You get an... View More

by Bradley on Express VPN

Its great for p2p downloading. The speeds are pretty good for uploading and downloading heavy files. Their customer support is friendly and conducts itself in a professional manner.

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Rank #3
$6.49 / mo
Rank #3
$6.49 / mo
Fastest VPN provider! Large network!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
  • 1300+ servers in 60+ countries
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections
  • No Logging
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Rank #3
$6.49 / mo




Apart from the obvious reasons like high-speed performance and impressive customer protection, there are several other elements that have made IPVanish a one-of-a-kind VPN provider:

  • Reliability of connections
  • Speed of connections
  • Dedication to privacy and anonymity
  • Commendable customer support
  • Exceptional Tier 1 network
  • Thorough support categories
  • Competitive prices
Put together, all these factors make IPVanish one hell of a VPN provider. To summarize IPVanish in one sentence: It does everything a VPN provider should, and it does many things better than anyone else. Once you’ve tried out its services, you will understand why we rank IPVanish as the number 1 VPN service provider in our overall review, and in several sub-categories.

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Rank #3
$6.49 / mo
Credit Card / GiroPay / cashU / WorldPay / Bitcoin /

Find the right World Cup streaming site

There are plenty of World Cup streaming sites out there. While there are good ones that really do provide quality live streams, there are also those that want to abuse your online activity. The following live streams are some of the most popular today:

We have found Fox Sports to be the most reliable during testing. Those above are perfectly legal, but you’ll need a VPN to gain access to the country. There are plenty which stream illegally, with one example being the Reddit soccer streaming subreddit which provided HD quality streams for years, until eventually they were shut down. A tragic loss for the live soccer streaming community indeed…

If these streaming sites choose to offer illegal streams, they risk having the same fate as Reddit. What you need to do, for your own safety, is to find streaming sites that stream legally with the help of a VPN to unlock country streams.

Watch illegal World Cup streams

Again, we don’t condone illegal actions. You’re probably aware of the fact that you can search for streams online and come up with sites like:

  • LiveSoccerTV.com
  • Stream2watch.live/live-now/sport-stream/soccer/
  • https://livesport.ws/en/live-football
  • https://firstsrowsports.tv/soccer

With others still out there if you keep searching. If you choose to go this route, you’ll need a VPN which will both mask your IP address and encrypt your traffic so that you’re protected.

International matches to anticipate in 2019

While we’re waiting for the FIFA World Cup of 2022 to arrive, there are a lot of exciting international fixtures to look forward to in 2019. For every footy fan out there, here’s a list of the upcoming friendly international football matches that will take place in 2019:

  • March 20: Germany vs. Serbia, Wales vs Trinidad and Tobago
  • March 21: Kosovo vs. Denmark
  • March 22: USA vs. Ecuador, Japan vs. Colombia, Mexico vs. Chile, Argentina vs. Venezuela
  • March 23 : Guatemala vs Costa Rica, Peru vs. Paraguay
  • March 24: Canada vs French Guiana
  • March 26: Japan vs Bolivia, Algeria vs Tunisia, Gibraltar vs Estonia, Nigeria vs. Egypt, Morocco vs. Argentina, Czech Republic vs. Brazil, Paraguay vs. Mexico.
  • March 27: USA vs. Chile, Honduras vs. Ecuador, Peru vs El Salvador, Costa Rica vs Jamaica
  • June 5: Mexico vs. Venezuela
  • June 11: Croatia vs. Tunisia
  • September 5: Montenegro vs. Hungary, Northern Ireland vs. Luxembourg
  • September 10: Wales vs. Belarus, Republic of Ireland vs. Bulgaria
  • October 10: Gibraltar vs. Kosovo
  • October 15: Denmark vs. Luxembourg
  • November 14: Ukraine vs. Estonia, Republic of Ireland vs. New Zealand
  • November 19: Montenegro vs. Belarus, Croatia vs. Georgia

These are all the international football fixtures you can look forward to in the calendar year of 2019. We’ll frequently update this article in case any changes regarding the schedules of the fixtures occur.

Find the right VPN for World Cup streaming

Choosing a VPN is like choosing a car – you want to go with a brand that is reputable enough, that provides safety and security, and also offers features which you’ll use. What you need to do is to look, analyze, research, and then choose the perfect candidate that feels just right. The first rule of thumb is – never go with a free VPN:

There are a couple of things that you should consider when it comes to choosing a VPN for World Cup streaming:

  • Geo-restricted content: There are VPNs that help you access geo-restricted content, and provide you with the ability to watch World Cup streams even if they are restricted in your country. All you need to do is find a good geo-unblocking VPN and choose a VPN server in the country where World Cup streaming is allowed. The VPN will set you up with an IP address which is located in that country and you’ll be able to enjoy the streaming without any problems. Right now, we favor IPVanish VPN for this task.
  • Torrenting needs: Are you also going to use the VPN for downloading torrents, or just for World Cup streaming? There are VPNs that are good for both World Cup streaming and torrenting, so if you’re planning on using your VPN in both situations, why not choose one that is good for both?
  • Bandwidth and speed: A good VPN service provides unlimited bandwidth which results in optimal online speed. Not all VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth, and this is a factor you need to consider when choosing a VPN. My advice is to always go with the one which offers unlimited bandwidth, and reading our reviews to be sure it’s offered.

Reading our reviews can help you make a well-informed decision when you’re choosing a VPN for World Cup streaming. We have thoroughly analyzed, compared, and tested multiple VPN service providers and we have ranked the top VPN providers that operate today in the industry.

How to set up a VPN: Step-by-step instructions

Now that we’ve settled the debate on whether or not a VPN should be part of your World Cup watching plan, let’s go over the details of how you quickly set up your VPN in a fast and seamless manner:

  1. Start the VPN client (software) from your VPN service
  2. Connect the VPN to a VPN server in a country where World Cup streaming is allowed
  3. The software then encrypts your data even before the ISP sees it
  4. The data goes back to the VPN server and from there to the online destination
  5. The online destination (the World Cup Stream) sees your data as it is coming from the VPN’s location and not your own

That’s the whole scoop. Through data encryption, the VPN allows you to freely watch the World Cup stream without worrying whether someone can obtain your personal information or harm you in any other way. In fact, that’s the entire premise that a VPN revolves around – data encryption.

By presenting your online data as their own, the VPN service provider acts as a shield that would take any bullet instead of you. In other words, even if someone tried to maliciously abuse your online data and trace down your activity, all they would see is the data from the VPN itself, not your own.

How a VPN works: The basics

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are a service that uses software to allow users to safely and privately access the web by routing connections which hide the user’s online actions. Here is how a VPN operates:

  • How the Internet works: When you type in the domain name in your browser URL bar, regardless of the type of web browser you use, the device sends data into the Internet until it reaches a server. The server then translates the data and sends back the website you wanted to visit. The thing is when you send data they simultaneously send personal data like your location, IP address, web-browsing preferences, data you’re transmitting, etc. This is where hackers can easily access your information.
  • How VPNs operate: When you use a VPN service, the VPN creates an encrypted tunnel for your online data to travel through. Furthermore, instead of sending your IP address directly to the online destination, the VPN receives your data first through their servers and then the VPN sends your encrypted data from their own server with their IP address.

This effectively hides your IP address, location, and other relevant personal data. Even if someone wanted to access your data, all they would be able to reach is the VPN server. They can track you back to your original IP address.

A VPN encrypts your transmission and hides the real origin of your data. Without a VPN, your connection is open and vulnerable, leaving your data exposed for anyone with the necessary skills to access it.

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