A Beginners Guide to Net Neutrality

With the Internet packed full of net neutrality debate ahead of tomorrow’s (Feb 26th 2015) vote on net neutrality in the USA, it’s important for those who don’t know to get themselves up to speed.

To get outside of the Internet and show you a real world simile: Imagine if your TV only worked with one cable provider, and that you have no option based on your TV which shows you could watch. Right now, you can buy any TV, plug it into the wall, and choose how you want to connect – cable, satellite, even bunny ears, as well as which provider will be selling you this service.

When it comes to the Internet, neutrality has a huge impact on how you can get information in a timely manner. This applies both to how quickly you can access that data, and how easy it is to find. Continue Reading

Hide My Ass Logging

The Ongoing Controversy Around Hide My Ass Logging

The subject of logging and VPNs is an important one to pay attention to when you’re considering how protected you want to be. A VPN provider which continually comes up in discussions around this subject is Hide My Ass, our number two ranked provider.

This is because Hide My Ass logging is a bone that the hacker community likes to pick at every chance they get. I’m going to look at why we still rank Hide My Ass at number 2 despite their logging policy, and expand on the issues some face with this provider. Continue Reading

facebook privacy policy change

The New Facebook Privacy Policy Change: You’re Being Followed

You won’t catch me on Facebook, but those which do use the big blue lowercase f have even more privacy concerns that they should be aware of. I know that being privacy aware isn’t a big concern for many people out there who share sexts on a daily basis and post their every thought somewhere online. For those who are more privacy aware, read on to find out more about Facebook privacy as it is today.
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Cybersecurity for your Family

Cybersecurity for your Family and Home

The next life skill that needs to be taught to kids at a young age is cybersecurity for the home, and for the whole family. When I was a teenager and the Internet first came to my city, the only cybersecurity for the home concerns were not meeting strangers you met online, and not giving out passwords.

Things have changed since then. Hackers are more sophisticated and better equipped. And the amount of data at stake has reached exponential levels. You can do plenty to increase your home cybersecurity, and keep your family safer from identity theft and a host of other malicious online attacks. Continue Reading