Best VPN for Android

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FAQs About the Best Android VPNs

Should you use a VPN on your Android phone?

You probably connect your phone to public Wifi hotspots to connect to the Internet while on the go. The problem with using free public Wifi is that you’ll never know if they were set up for the sole purpose of tracking users’ activities and even getting private data. Even though most public Wifi hotspots were set up without bad intentions, they are still vulnerable to hackers.

Therefore, if you connect to public Wifi hotspots for work-related or other private activities, you need to use a VPN on your phone. This way, your online activities are protected even though the open Wifi is not safe.

How do I turn on VPN settings on Android?

Follow the steps below to turn on VPN settings on your Android device:

1: Go to the Settings app
2: Look for the Networks or Connections setting, browse to the bottom and select More.
3: Select VPN.
4: Tap the + symbol or Add VPN on the upper right hand of the screen.
5: Your VPN provider will give you the details you need to fill out the fields.

Once set up, you can configure your VPN to be always turned on. Otherwise, you need to go back to the VPN settings, select the VPN, and enter your login details every time you want to use your VPN.

How does a VPN work on Android?

Once your VPN is set up and turned on, your Internet browsing is routed through the VPN, using the server you chose when you set up the VPN. If you are in Asia and you selected a server in the US, what happens is that all your connection requests go through that server first. The VPN server will then use its credentials to send a request to the destination website. The website’s response will also go through the server before it finally reaches you. All these things happen in a span of seconds, and in the process, the VPN encrypts all exchanged data.

Are there any free VPNs for Android?

Some providers offer free trials of their services for a limited period, while others have a free tier in their VPN service plans. However, these free tiers come with a limited data allowance per month which is usually enough for browsing the Internet, but not for your video streaming, torrenting, or heavy-use needs. These free VPN app services are typically offered to give you an initial taste of the provider’s overall VPN service.

There are also providers that offer unlimited VPN service for life. Many people opt for this type of service since they get to enjoy the benefits of a VPN without having to shell out money. It’s important to understand though that these providers are getting money somewhere else. They could be running invasive ads while you use their service, or they could be getting your private information and selling it to advertisers and other third-party companies. These actions defeat the purpose of a VPN, and sadly, a lot of free VPN providers are earning from these practices.

Before downloading any free VPN app, keep in mind that you can get a secure and decent VPN for Android for as low as $3 per month. Look at our reviews above and carefully consider that small cost before risking it with a free VPN.

Is it safe to use an Android VPN?

VPNs add an extra layer of security when you use your phone for work or leisure. The safety of using an Android VPN lies in the provider you choose, so go for a provider that has a proven track record and a clean reputation. Our reviews can help you decide which VPN provider to sign up for since our reviews involved comprehensive and in-depth research and testing.

How much do Android VPNs cost?

You can get a decent Android VPN for as low as $3 per month, to as high as $18 per month for a premium-quality VPN. Prices generally depend on the length of time you sign up for because the longer you commit, the cheaper your subscription will be per year.

Will a VPN slow down my Android’s Internet speed?

Internet speed is affected by a lot of factors, and one of them is the bandwidth allocated by your ISP. If the Internet speed of your ISP is slow to begin with, then connecting to a VPN will naturally be slow too. Other factors that can slow down your Android’s Internet speed while using a VPN are the following:

  1. – The quality of encryption: Each VPN provider handles encryption differently and uses different levels of encryption strength. AES, the current encryption standard, can be 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit strong. The ideal encryption is AES with 256-bit keys. However, the tradeoff is a slight loss of speed which our reviews clearly show. Encryption takes time, but it results in a safer and more secure browsing experience.
  2. – Location of the server: The farther your physical location from the server, the longer the time for data to travel. As much as possible, select a server that is located near you.
  3. – The number of users on the same VPN server: When you share a server with a lot of users, there will be latency. This situation is especially true with free VPNs since a lot of people use them.

There is a slight effect on your Android’s Internet speed when you use a VPN, but this is mostly due to the encryption process. A good VPN provider makes use of the highest level of encryption since the primary purpose of a VPN is to provide online security and privacy. The average user will not be able to notice this slight decrease, so it’s not a huge worry at all!