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How to Use Flixtor Privately

Flixtor is one of our favorite places to get our fix of movies and TV shows. People prefer it over other sites because for one, you don’t have to sign up or login to access its library. Just go to the site, select a movie, and enjoy. No hassle. It also has a wide variety of new content since it is set to automatically scan streaming websites every hour to look for new uploads.

Verify The Real Flixtor Domain

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Flixtor must not be confused with the fake copycat websites and Android apps of the same name, many of which use P2P technology (we’ll tell you why you should avoid this later). These fake websites use the same name to capitalize on Flixtor’s popularity to scam unsuspecting users or phish real login details . In order to ensure your anonymity, you should avoid these fakes. and imposters.

Unfortunately, many of the fake sites actually rank above the real Flixtor website when you search Google, making it very confusing and easy to be fooled. If you want to use Flixtor privately, your first step is finding & using the real Flixtor website — which you can verify by going to flixtor.org. As of 2021, Flixtor’s real domain names are listed below:


How Flixtor Works

Flixtor doesn’t run ads and doesn’t redirect you to another website to watch content. To sustain the website and servers, they encourage users to purchase VIP keys and become a VIP user.

Flixtor regular vs vip comparison

Regular users can only access movies released within the last six months and episodes of series released within the last three months, while VIP users can watch all movies and episodes regardless of their release dates. Aside from unlimited access to all movies, VIP users get to enjoy other features such as Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay support, and the ability to view videos in 1080p resolution.

However, VIP users who paid as much as $15 per month got the scare of their lives when Flixtor suddenly went offline in November 2018. The company posted an update a few days later, which relieved users, regular and VIP alike.

True enough, Flixtor went back online on January 5, 2019, which made a lot of people happy. However, the temporary shutdown did cause some concern especially since VIP users had to enter their credit card details when they bought VIP keys. Regular users are also concerned about how much of their information has been compromised because of the shutdown.

Since we can’t do anything about the past, let’s make sure you’re safe from this point forward. When it comes to privacy issues and concerns, one of the logical solutions is a VPN, and you should be using it while on Flixtor. We’ll tell you why.

Why you need a VPN on Flixtor

Flixtor claims that they turned off their server’s logging, so nothing about you is stored in their system. The company further claims that all communications between you and their servers are 100% secure. What’s interesting though is that Flixtor suggests that you use a VPN if you are concerned about your ISP knowing that you visited Flixtor.

Flixtor FAQ

So the short answer to the question of why you need a VPN on Flixtor is because it is recommended by Flixtor itself. Then there’s the question of why users are concerned about being seen on Flixtor. Is Flixtor illegal? Is streaming movies illegal? Let’s find out.

Streaming movies is not illegal, but downloading and uploading unlicensed content is. You think you’re safe – you’re only streaming movies anyway. The danger is that there are sites and apps that make you think you are simply streaming videos, but you are actually downloading and uploading them all at the same time. Such things are possible through the P2P torrent technology. Basically, what happens when you select a movie is that the site looks for the movie, downloads the torrent file, and seeds it back to everyone in the torrenting community.

Essentially you are downloading a torrent file and uploading it all at the same time while streaming. Torrenting is illegal, and this is the reason why you should stay away from “streaming” sites and apps that use P2P technology.

Now, Flixtor explicitly says that they are not using P2P technology, and that’s good news. However, it’s always better to use a VPN on Flixtor and any streaming platform to protect yourself.

A VPN allows you to direct all your network traffic through an encrypted tunnel so that no one – even your ISP, the government, or anyone looking – can see what you are doing online. Your IP address will also be replaced by the VPN server’s own address, so you remain anonymous online. All your connection requests and the web server’s responses go through the VPN.

You can enjoy your favorite TV show on Flixtor in private without the fear of being watched.

How to use a VPN for Flixtor

First off, you need to select a provider that is optimized for streaming. Some are faster than others, some have more servers giving you access to more countries, and you don’t want to choose a VPN that logs your activities. Here are the top two that our team recommends for this task:

Top 4 VPN for Streaming

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You can read our reviews to get an idea of what you’re buying, or click right through to the providers if you’re ready. Either way, after signing up for a VPN service and setting it up on your device (or router so all your devices are covered), do the following:

  1. Open the VPN software.
  2. Connect to a server. One which is close to you is best for speed.
  3. Your connection is now securely encrypted.
  4. Go to Flixtor and have fun!

Those four simple steps will offer you a tremendous amount of protection. Your streaming will be encrypted so that you, and only you, know what you’re watching on Flixtor.

Flixtor homepage

Other uses for a VPN beyond Flixtor

The VPN technology was initially developed to enable corporations to access work-related files securely from home. VPNs are now widely used outside the work setting, with 50% of VPN users doing so to access restricted entertainment content.

VPN usage stats flixtor streaming

Aside from streaming videos on Flixtor privately, a VPN has many other uses such as the following:

  • For privacy: A VPN lets you browse the Internet anonymously, so you don’t have to worry about your personal details leaking to every website you visit.
  • For security: All data packets that you send and receive over the Internet are heavily encrypted when you use a VPN. The current standard is AES which comes in key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits. Obviously, you’d want to go for a VPN provider that uses the heaviest encryption, and that’s AES 256-bit.
  • To torrent files: When you torrent files online, you need to be on the lookout for two entities: your ISP, and the media companies who own those files. The media company can actually see your IP address when you go to the torrenting site and download the material. From your IP address, the company will know who your ISP is and will inform it. As a result, your ISP will throttle your Internet connection and send you a notice that you’re pirating copyrighted material. You can face jail time and pay a find for that, and your ISP can completely cut your Internet connection.

  • Notice that everything started with the media company seeing your IP address on the torrenting site. Therefore, you need to hide your IP address, and a VPN can do this for you.
  • To get around geo-restrictions: Media companies put up geo-restrictions on content that is not copyrighted in a certain countries. When you go to the media company’s site, such as Netflix and YouTube, the site will check your IP address. If it detects that you’re from a restricted country, it then blocks your access. The solution is to get an IP address that’s located in an unrestricted country, and you can do this by connecting to a VPN server in that country.
  • To share files securely: There are instances when you need to send files of a sensitive nature over the Internet. It could be to your doctor, lawyer, or co-workers, and you can’t afford for these files to be intercepted by another person. With a VPN, you don’t have to worry about this since all exchanges are encrypted. Only your intended recipient will be able to see those files.
  • To access work computers remotely: As mentioned before, remote access was the initial purpose of a VPN. It allows employees to securely access their work computers even when they are at home.


It looks like signing up for a VPN service to use Flixtor privately can actually give you a lot more than entertainment value. With the right VPN provider, you can enjoy all the benefits listed above and more. Click here to discover all of the VPNs we recommend for streaming movies and shows with Flixtor and other Torrent streaming sites.