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Best UFC Streaming Sites in 2021
& how to watch securely

UFC Fights, especially big pay-per-view fights, are expensive to stream officially — costing $69 to $100 per fight night (even if you have UFC Fight Pass). However, there are a few ways that you can stream UFC fights for free so you don’t miss big events like the upcoming UFC 168 with Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington.

Since we know that some of these websites and streams can be unreliable, overwhelmed or taken down, we’ll provide a MASSIVE list of UFC streaming websites so when it’s the main card and your free UFC stream stops working… you won’t have to stress out.

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Where Can I Officially Watch UFC Fights?

There are only a handful of ways to watch UFC fights officially and legally. One of the most common methods is through cable or satellite television, which provides a variety of channels and packages that include ESPN and FOX Sports networks.

If you want to legally stream UFC fights, you’ll  have a few options to choose from, but keep in mind that NONE of these options include Pay-per-view UFC fights. You will still need to pay full price ($69) for each PPV event. 

  1. UFC Fight Pass — Stream all non-PPV fights and watch early prelims fights ad-free for $9.99 per month.
  2. ESPN+ — Stream most non-PPV fights, except except early prelims. Plays ads between rounds. $6.99/mo
  3. Sling TV — Watch UFC Live Stream (with ads) on the ESPN channel. $25/mo for this Cable TV replacement. 
  4. Hulu+ — Watch UFC Live Stream (with Ads) on the ESPN channel. You can get it via the Disney+ Bundle. 
  5. YouTube TV — Watch UFC Live Stream (with Ads) on the ESPN channel. Very pricey at $65/mo. 
  6. fuboTV — Watch UFC Live Stream (with Ads) on the ESPN channel. $45/mo
To legally watch all UFC fights, including Pay Per View — it would cost you about $1000 per year.
The math: $96/year for UFC Fight Pass + $69 per PPV Fight (10-15 a year) = $786~$1,131

The official website to watch UFC fights and PPV events is UFCFightPass is a subscription service which costs $9.99 per month (or $96/year) to watch UFC events, including fights live, “exclusive” prelims, and on-demand MMA flights from around the world.

Stream UFC Fight Pass

However, even with UFC Fight Pass , you won’t be able to watch live PPV UFC fights until half an hour before the fight starts.

ESPN+ (or Disney+ Bundle)

You can watch UFC on ESPN+ for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. This will also give you access to live broadcasts of other sports events. However, you will have to pay separately for Pay-Per-View Maincard fights, which is hard to justify unless you enjoy watching other live sports.

As a subsidiary of Disney, ESPN broadcasts not only sports events such as UFC, but also NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, Tennis, Soccer and more. Therefore ESPN+ is the perfect choice if you like to watch other sports along with UFC.

Note: This ESPN+’s UFC streams are ad-supported which may distract you from the broadcast and you’ll miss the action in between rounds. There are no commercials for main card fights though.

Stream UFC Legally with ESPN+

KIJK (Free Legal Stream with a VPN in Netherlands) is a free Dutch streaming site that is home of many MMA fights. Sometimes they have a schedule for MMA streams online, sometimes not. It’s best to check here first before starting your MMA live stream quest: KIJK

Sling TV

UFC Fights on ESPN can also be streamed on Sling TV. Sling TV is a streaming service with no long-term contract and does not require any satellite dish installation. It offers three subscription plans namely Sling Orange, Sling Blue and Sling Orange + Blue combo for $25 each month. Sling TV works on AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One and other streaming devices.

You can use VPN service to watch UFC on ESPN live online. Sling TV offers many international users where you can unblock Sling TV to access the fight live. However, if you’re not located in supported regions, you will need a VPN. Geo-restrictions apply so make sure you use a VPN service before subscribing to Sling TV.


Hulu is popular as an on-demand video streaming platform, but it also offers one bundle with Live TV at $39.99 per month. This bundle gives you access to ESPN channels so you can watch live sports streams like UFC fight nights, other MMA fights, boxing and more.

DirectTV Now

DirectTV Now gives you several options for live sport streams, including UFC fight nights and sports streaming via ESPN.

YouTube TV

For $65 a month, you will already enjoy premium channels on YouTube TV. You can’t customize the channels and you only have one option, but ESPN channels are already included in this bundle.


fuboTV is an over-the-top service that offers 60+ channels for $45. fuboTV also includes live sports streaming via ESPN so you can get access to UFC fight streams.

If these live TV streaming platforms, Apple TV, UFC apps and waiting for replays on YouTube isn’t an option or doesn’t work in your country, region or wallet, see our list of the best free streams below

The Safety Tips Before You Stream (Short Version)

…plus how to NOT get caught by Dana White or UFC 
  1. Stay Anonymous — Don’t get caught by Dana White. Use a VPN to hide your real IP address, location & identity from all sites, ads and honeypots,  & encrypt your internet activity so your internet company doesn’t screw you.
  2. Block Ads & Malware — Many of these sites have invasive ads that can load malware or phishing sites. Use an Ad Blocker like uBlock Origins, a private browser like Brave, or use a VPN with ad & malware blocking feature like NordVPN.
  3. Privacy Browser — Use a private browser like Brave or DuckDuckGo to stream. These browsers don’t track any of your data and actively stop sites from tracking you, and block Ads/Malware.
  4. Prevent Buffering & Throttling — Your ISP may actively throttle your internet connecting if they notice your streaming UFC fights. Avoid low loading speeds and constant live stream buffering by encrypting your internet activity with any of these fast streaming VPN.
  5. Don’t Fall Pray To Scams — If the site or a popup ad is asking you for personal info, or requiring signup / payment to stream the fight — it’s a scam. Close it and try again. FYI: Those “Play in HD” buttons are scam ads in disguise.
Best VPN for Free Sports Streaming Sites
All VPNs recommended below offer a 30-day money-back guarantee or better.

Stream UFC securely **ORIGINAL SECTION**

A great match for any of the options above is a VPN which enables you to stream UFC fights securely. The best VPN provider will solve these two issues you might encounter when you want to stream UFC for free:

  • When you watch UFC on any of these sites, you might end up with a DMCA notice.
  • When you use Kodi addons, you still might not be able to access UFC matches because of geographic restrictions.

With a VPN, your ISP, UFC, and ESPN (or anyone with prying eyes) won’t see your online activities. They won’t see what you’re watching on any website because the VPN enables all your traffic to go through an encrypted tunnel. It covers your UFC streaming and all other things you do on the Internet.

A VPN also allows you to access the fights even when you go to a country where UFC isn’t available. Installing a Kodi addon, for example, won’t guarantee that you will get to watch UFC. If the fight is restricted in your location, then you won’t be able to watch it unless you get a VPN for Kodi. Here are two VPNs we recommend for Kodi:


VPNs are particularly useful when you have already paid for a Fight Pass, but a particular fight night card is blocked because UFC has a TV deal in your country. Fight Pass users learned this the hard way:

ufc Fight Pass blocked

So even if you are from the US and a fight night card is available on ESPN, you won’t be able to watch it on UFC Fight Pass. If you are in the UK and the match is exclusively shown on BT Sports, then your Fight Pass subscription is worthless. Unless, of course, you connect to a VPN server located in a country where it’s not blocked. We hope these UFC fans have figured this out.

They all needed a good streaming VPN to get around these geo blocks. Here are the top VPNs that our team recommends for the job:

BIG List of Free UFC Streaming Sites

Are you looking for the best sites to stream UFC fights?

… or maybe it’s main card and your UFC stream just stop working.
Now you’re desperately trying to find ANY MMA streaming site that works?

Either way, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best free sports streaming sites for UFC and MMA, as well as all the other sites (lesser known or not as good) because we know that some of these live streams can be unreliable, get overwhelmed with traffic, or get taken down at any time.

Ps. This article is for informational purposes only. We do not host sports streams or any copyrighted material on this website. We do not condone any form of piracy or copyright infringement.  We don’t own, operate or are affiliated with any of the websites mentioned below. Use them at your own risk. 

Quick tip: Copy & paste link to visit site.

The Best Free UFC Streaming Sites

These are the best UFC streaming sites that multiple experts have verified work reliably in 2021. These sites have ads and popups but are manageable if you follow our safety instructions above. Some may have low-quality videos at times, but they give you access to the live action for free, and that’s all that matters. 

CrackStreams has been among the most popular sports streaming website, especially with UFC PPV events. All that popularity isn’t always good, as crackstreams has been known to lag or go down entirely during big maincard fights. Luckily, if you do run into that problem, you know exactly where to find all of the best crackstreams alternative streaming sites… &

SportsBay is a free sports streaming site that links to tons of live sporting events worldwide, including mma events. They usually have 4-5 streaming links (mirrors) for each sporting event. They have multiple domains you can visit: or

This is another free sports streaming site with multiple live sports streaming categories, including one for UFC/MMA. However, this site is littered with invasive ads, popups and fake “Watch in HD” button you shouldn’t click. Be cautious and use a VPN when visiting this site.

720pstream is a online sports search engine and the “home of HD Live Sports Streams” according to their slogan. They have an MMA category which helps you find unofficial free streams for UFC and other MMA live events. 

Wrestling Online Matches offers contents the same as that of Online WWE. Most of them are of wrestling promotions such as WWE, ROH, and GFW. Aside from live matches, you also get to access past UFC fights.

stream ufc matches on Wrestling Matches free

VIP League

VIP League is a one-stop resource for all sporting events. Aside from UFC, you can watch football, rugby, tennis, baseball, golf, boxing, and even horse racing and darts on VIP League. The site has been up since 2014, and you can also access TV shows on it.

stream ufc fights on VIP League is a popular streaming site for live UFC and MMA events that you can check out anytime to find their most recent stream links or archives of past UFC events.


This is another reliable UFC and MMA live streaming site with multiple live sports and fighting events at any given time. This site has been one of the top ufc sports streaming websites since it started up in 2009, which makes it another reliable resource for mma streams online.

Other Free Sports Streaming Sites & Options

These are all of the other websites that offer live sporting streams for UFC, MMA and other sports. These sites aren’t the best, and may be copycats, have too many ads, low reliable history or just be kinda shitty. However, they may work and help save the day!

WARNING: We highly recommend you use a VPN before visiting this site. 

  1. — UFCStreams is a UFC sports streaming site dedicated to mma and UFC live streams. We haven’t tried it but it does seem fairly popular. 
  2. — This is a live UFC streaming site that’s fairly reliable, but only has 2-3 fight streams at any given time

  3. Ripple.TV  — ripple is a free MMA stream that usually streams UFC fights from their chat room. It’s been said this site was possibly created by hackers who have targeted UFC Fight Pass to gain illegal access to the website. You can find legit matches here, but always beware of fake “watch now” buttons you shouldn’t click on because they contain malware or viruses, so steer clear of those ads! Be careful with this place– your computer may get hijacked if you’re not careful!
  4. — This MMA streaming ma fans where you can find streams by looking in the forum topics. Unfortunately, most of the mma streams posted in the forums are hosted on other websites, so watch out for fakes!
  5.  —  viprow is a website known for posting MMA/UFC streams and welcomes new members who can post their own mma links in the forums. This is not a “live” streams site, but more of a community of MMA lovers where you can find MMA streams posted by other members– much like above, but with more features.
  6. Kodi with Planet MMA Add-on) — If you’re using Kodi, you can install add-ons such as Planet MMA and other Kodi sports addons so you can watch UFC for free on your big screen TV. Planet MMA is by far the most downloaded and the most popular Kodi addon for UFC. Click here to get a step by step guide on installing the Add-on and streaming UFC via Kodi in less than 10 minutes.
  7. — This is another free MMA sports streaming site with multiple live sporting events, including UFC fights. They usually have 4-5 streaming links (mirrors) for each live stream event on their site.
  29. VipBox.LC


How To Find UFC & MMA Streaming Sites with Google

…What Google Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Finding UFC and MMA streams on Google Search Results can be challenging because Google is constantly censoring or banning legit free streaming websites.

Luckily, there is one popular trick to find sport streams on Google and one TOP SECRET TRICK we discovered you won’t find anywhere else that lets you see ALL of the Legit streaming websites Google has censored.

Method One: Google Advance Search to Find UFC Streams

The first Google method to find a legit free streaming website is the Advance Search option in their search results. This trick will yield big results, so keep reading below to learn how this works! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use the Advance Search Option in Google:

  1. Go to  Google Advance Search:
  2. Under Find pages with… Type in your search term (i.e., UFC 268, Live Sports Streams, etc.)
  3. Under “Then narrow your results by…” you’ll want to narrow is down by last update to be past 24 hours or 1 week.
  4. Click on the “Advanced Search” button to see all of your search results that Google hasn’t banned or censored… yet. Hopefully you see some good streaming sites.
  5. If you don’t find any sites, you should also try changing the “type”, “language” and other options in the menu bar or update your keywords.

Method Two: Read The Censorship DMCA Report

This is our secret method to finding all of the sports online websites that Google has censored. This method is simple, faster and guaranteed to find you all of the free streaming websites Google doesn’t want you to see .

  1. Go To and type in “free UFC stream” or similar search term.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom and you’ll see a notice that says something along the lines of “In response to multiple complaints we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 3 results from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaints that caused the removals at Complaint, Complaint, Complaint.”
  3. Now click on any of the “Complaint” links at the end.
  4. WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS: You’ll be taken to a page on LumenDatabase that has a list of all the free UFC streaming websites that Google removed.
  5. Click on any of those and see if they’re working.

Step 1: Don’t Get Caught. Stay Anonymous with a VPN 

Dana White is the head of the UFC and has threatened legal action against those who illegally stream UFC events. So if you want to make sure you don’t get caught — use a VPN to stay anonymous. The best VPNs for UFC Streaming that most experts recommend are ExpressVPN (this VPN has an amazing “split tunneling” feature that is perfect for streaming), NordVPN (very popular) or SurfShark.

Step 2: Use An Ad Blocker or Privacy Web Browser

Using an ad blocker like uBlock Origin will stop those pesky popup ads from cluttering up your screen as well as prevent malware from sneaking into your computer or phone via these ads. Some VPNs include ad blockers and malware protection in their VPN apps. If that is important to you and your VPN doesn’t already do that — then some VPNs like CyberGhost offer build in Ad Blocking feature, and others like ExpressVPN offer browser extensions for AdBlock Plus which you can use on Google Chrome, Firefox and even Safari browsers.

Don’t Download or Click on Pop-up Ads to Start a Stream

Almost all free streaming sites keep the lights on with Ads, and with the rise of Ad Blockers,  many resort to Ads and popups that are able to slip past even the best ad blockers. When faced with a pop-up ad, window or tab, DO NOT CLICK or INTERACT with it! These popups usually lead to ripoffs, scams or malware you want to avoid. Instead, simply close the popup window or tab, and go back to the Streaming site on your browser or tab (it should still be open). If it keeps opening popups when you try to click on a streaming link or video player — Try again. If by the third-time it still doesn’t play and opens a third popup — CLOSE THE SITE and try a different streaming site on our list. 

Click Twice To Start a Stream

Sometimes when you click the play button to start a Stream, it may first trigger a popup or popunder Ad (like mentioned above) and the video won’t play. The simple solution is click it again a second time and it should play. This isn’t always the case , but it works often enough that you shouldn’t pay the scam sites that suggest this trick for starting a Stream

IT'S TIME!!! Get a VPN & Start Streaming UFC

There are so many ways to watch a UFC fight card, but if you’re going to use a free option be sure to protect your activities with a VPN. Not only will it protect you from Dana White catching you and help block invasive Ads and malware, but it will also protect you from your ISP throttling your connection speed. Who wants buffering issues when someone is just about to deliver a knockout right hook? No one! 

Now go get a VPN and enjoy watching the UFC fights from anywhere in the world