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Before you buy a VPN suitable for Your Needs from the first company you find, check the reviews. We test, review and rate the top services for 5 Best Cheap Vpn Providers. We want to make sure you get the highest quality 5 Best Cheap Vpn Providers, the fastest turnaround time, the best support, the lowest price, and the guarantees to back it up. Don’t waste your money on scams or poor-quality providers.

Avoid the scams and use the services that actually work below:

Top 5 Cheap VPNs

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FAQs for the Best Cheap VPN

What are the risks of buying cheap VPNs?

One of the risks of buying cheap VPNs is that they might not have all the essential features. Security features are some of the common ones that are trimmed down for low-priced services. This leaves you with less protection against threats like viruses, hacking, or possible information leaks. This is why it’s so important to look at our reviews above and find out which VPNs are cheap, and which just cost less.

These VPNs can also have lower performance. Their speeds are often less than that of their more expensive counterparts. There might even be limitations in the number of connections or locations that you can use. These are often attributed to providers using lower quality equipment to keep down costs.

Falling for potential scams is another danger to watch out for when getting cheap VPNs. These scammers use the low prices to bait people. Once you get in, you might find yourself paying for extra chargers that were never disclosed before.

Why are cheap VPNs priced so low?

There are various reasons why providers might have low prices. One is that the provider has sufficient resources to keep its prices down while still delivering quality services. Such providers will often be more willing to disclose their methods as another point in their marketing.

Companies might also use the low monthly price to entice you to sign up for longer contracts. If you look at different plans, the prices go lower as the plans get longer. Note that you still end up paying a larger amount as a whole, but these plans remain budget-friendly for those who want (and should want) long-term security.

On the other hand, there are providers that have low prices because they offer fewer features. Some specialized features, like P2P servers and Netflix unblocking, might also not be available. These plans are not necessarily bad, but don’t expect them to be on par with more extensive and expensive ones.

How can our reviews help me choose a good and cheap VPN?

Our reviews can help you assess cheap VPNs by giving you real information, not marketing pitches. Our reviewers test every feature the provider has, including the ones that customers can’t assess through a cursory look. They even do several performance tests and detailed comparisons between different providers.

Our team can also look deeper into a VPN provider’s plans and explain why their prices are low, or even give information about any hidden charges you should be aware of. We help you better determine whether you are indeed getting a good deal.

What are the hidden costs behind cheap VPNs?

While some VPN plans are priced lower than their competitors, there might be some hidden costs that can cause you to pay more. These include:

  • Extra features. Providers sometimes place essential or sought-after features, like torrenting, under their extra/optional list. This forces you to pay more to get them.
  • Longer contracts: As explained above, longer contracts cost more despite their advertised low monthly prices.
  • Connection issues: Instances of lost or faulty connections mean that you are not getting the full services that you paid for.
  • Service charges: Providers might charge you a certain amount for resolving service issues, like obtaining dedicated IP addresses.
  • External costs: To compensate for some features that your VPN doesn’t have, you might have to use third-party options that will add to your overall VPN operational cost.

These factors might add anywhere from a few dollars to several tens of dollars to the amount you spend on running VPNs. Take them into consideration when determining whether a certain VPN provider is viable for long-term use.

How do I know if a cheap VPN is good?

When looking for a VPN, these are the essential features that you should consider:

  • Connection speeds: A minimum connection speed of 20Mbps will be sufficient for most VPN purposes, but it all comes down to what your ISP is actually giving to you in the first place.
  • Reliable security: The VPN service must have essential security features like encryption, virus protection, and kill switches.
  • Transparent policies: Look for the company’s terms and conditions to see if it clearly states its position on things like information security and charges.
  • Responsive customer service. The VPN’s agents should be available 24/7 to answer your questions. You also need to consider the quality of their response.

If all of these factors are present, even with the low price, then the VPN company is a good option to pick. Our reviews look extensively at these factors so that you don’t have to figure them out entirely on your own!

How do I know if a cheap VPN is fake?

One of the biggest signs that a cheap VPN is fake is the price itself. If the VPN’s stated price is far lower than that of other comparable providers, take a second look. Review the pricing plans, and look for dubious offers.

Other tell-tale signs to watch out for are:

  • Unsubstantiated claims: Take any exaggerated claims, like being “the fastest” or “most secure” with a grain of salt if there’s no data to back them up.
  • Bad customer support: Test both the real-time (chat, phone) and email support channels to see if the support agents respond to inquiries and questions. Again, this is something we do for you!
  • Dubious policies: Consider it a major red flag if the VPN site doesn’t have any detailed information about policies like refunds or information security.
  • Scarce social media presence: If the VPN provider only uses its social media accounts to spam promotions about its services, there is a good chance that it is a fake account.

Reading our reviews will help you spot these red flags faster. If you can’t find any review of the company from a reputable source, consider it as another possible sign that it is fake.

Why is a cheap VPN better than a free one?

Despite the concerns, cheap VPNs are a better option than free ones since you still get a better service. Good providers often give you a decent bare minimum of features for their lowest-priced plans. On the other hand, free VPNs are more prone to a variety of issues like:

  • Even slower speeds: The large number of users connecting to free VPNs will further bog down their already slow connection.
  • Access limitations: Free VPNs typically have fewer servers than even the lower priced paid plans, limiting your options.
  • More ads: Free VPNs pay for their upkeep by displaying ads to users, which can become annoying, if not eat your already limited bandwidth.
  • Security risks: Free VPNs have even fewer security features than low priced VPNs, which leads to greater risks of hacking or virus infections.

Because of these concerns, you definitely would want to spend even a little on a decent paid  VPN service, or one of those we review well above as they worked fine.

Are cheap VPNs easy to use?

Yes. In fact, decent cheap VPNs can be easier to use than expensive ones since they often don’t have the more advanced and complicated features found on the latter. You still need to be aware of the different issues that can affect their usability.

Can I use a cheap VPN for torrenting and P2P?

Yes, you can. Many of the good low-priced services have decent speeds suitable for torrenting, while some offer dedicated P2P servers even for their low-tier packages. Be aware that download speeds might still be slower than what you expect.

Will I be able to use a cheap VPN for gaming?

That depends on the specifications that the cheap VPN plan has. Online games often need a stable high-speed connection to keep players connected with game servers. The connection issues some VPNs have can lead to lag that affects the gaming experience. Look for a service that has at least the minimum speed to support the games you are playing.