Blocked Websites

Blocked Websites: How to Break Through the Blocks!

Are you experiencing blocked websites due to your high school, library, or office using blocking apps? It can be a major bummer when you have blocked website as it can prevent you from talking to someone you need to speak to on Facebook, Twitter, or even email

Getting around blocked websites is possible. Here are 8 ways to do it, some are easier than other so take a moment to consider which is going to be best for you. As a word of caution, don’t come to me if you get caught – take responsibility for your choices, my friends. Continue Reading

Free Music Downloads

Protect Yourself When Doing Free Music Downloads

I’m not going to be the guy to push people to get free music downloads online. I feel it’s right, however, to be the guy who pushes people to use protection when they do choose to do so.

Do I have to point out the numerous analogies there? No? Good.

Protecting yourself while doing free music downloads can help you stop the spread of malicious code, saving us all some trouble, and save you from fines and jail time. Because there are worse criminals out there than the kid who can’t afford the latest Lil Wayne release.

To help you protect yourself when downloading free music I’m going to make you aware of the risks, clue you in to how you can protect yourself, and leave the scolding to someone else. Continue Reading

Internet Censorship

The Worst Internet Censorship & How to Fight Back

When I’m talking about Internet censorship, I don’t mean how your parent’s have put a block on porn sites. I’m talking about the real online censorship which restricts your ability to get to relevant information thanks to government controls.

In this supposedly ‘free’ world where freedom reigns, more and more controls are being placed on the Internet. Some countries are worse than others. Some won’t surprise you as being restrictive at all, but one just may shock you. Read on to discover the worst Internet censorship areas, and read to the end to see what you can do if you’re in one of those countries. Continue Reading

9 Cyber Security Tips to be Safer Online

Staying safe online is, finally, a topic that is coming up more nadm roe often amongst everyday people. The online security community has been thumping its chest for years to get more people aware of the cyber security tips to be covered here, and people are listening.

Read along and be one of those people who listens, and who enjoys all the benefits of…not being the victim of a hack or identity theft. They’re pretty good benefits. Continue Reading

security essentials business online security

6 Online Security Essentials for any Company to Consider

Controlling risk is an important aspect of any online business. The risk of going digital with some of your data is one that nearly every company has taken on, but how many of them have looked at the security essentials that will help them manage that risk?

As a primer on these security essentials, read on for 6 that can’t be missing from any digital data security plan. Continue Reading