what is encryption

What is Encryption? Learn What it is & its Use in Your Life

If there is one question we hear often in the VPN industry it is “What is encryption?” This question is being asked more often as people become aware of the fact that encryption can protect them. Given that our specialty is VPNs, and VPNs offer encryption, I think it is fair that people learn a bit more about what encryption is in an online context.
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public wifi security

Public Wi-Fi Security Myths Which Need to Die a Terrible, Terrible Death

The number of public Wi-Fi security myths out there only contribute to the ability of hackers to hack. So many are only concerned with whether or not they can get free Wi-Fi, but they aren’t concerned with what it could cost them. Wi-Fi security is a concern the world over because hackers are setting up public hotspots that allow them to hack.
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You Need a Good VPN After Trump Destroys Online Privacy

Before Donald Trump’s landmark decision to reverse the FCC’s previous protection of your online privacy, we were looking at how this would impact you. Now that it is signed into law our previous theories have been shown true.
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