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5 Best Torrent VPNs

Torrents are a great way to share information, but allow for anyone to see what you are downloading and more importantly, uploading to others. Seeding (uploading) files causes ISPs to throttle your connection and broadcasts your IP to the world. We have tested every VPN that supports P2P Torrents and found these top Torrent VPN providers to keep your connection speeds constant and your identity safe.

5 Best Torrent VPNs

RankProviderPros / ConsPricingLinks
RankProviderPros / ConsPricingLinks
Best Torrent VPNs IPVanish
Simply the best Torrent VPN.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth / No Data Caps
✔ No Logging. Ever.
✔ Great Customer Support
✔ Reliable & FAST Connections
✖ Less Servers than other providers
Starting at 6.49/Month VPNIPVanish Best Torrent VPN Review
CyberGhost VPN
Many Positives, but some negatives
✔ Full Featured Premium VPN Software
✔ Full Access to VPN Network
✔ VPN Killswitch
✖ No P2P on some servers
✖ Data connection instability
Starting at 6.99/Month VPNCyberghost Review
Private Internet Access
Most Affordable Torrent VPN
✔ Best Torrent VPN price
✔ 3272 Servers in 25 Countries
✔ Supports All Major Devices
✔ No Logging
✔ Good Customer Support
✖ No Money-Back Guarantee
✖ Slower P2P Speeds
Starting at 3.33/Month
VPN IPVanish Best Torrent VPN Review
3 star best torrent vpns
Great Torrent Friendly Software 
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Speed
✔ 750 Servers in 141 Countries
✔ Supports SSTP, PPTP & L2TP
✔ Dedicated IP Addresses Available
✖ Bad Customer Support
✖ 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
✖ NO P2P on many servers
Starting at 4.99/Month
Good, but too little servers 
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth / Speed
✔ Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP
✖ NO P2P on many servers
✖ NO US Based Torrent/P2P
Starting at 6.99/Month

1. IPVanish

Positives: IPVanish isn’t just the best VPN provider for P2P file sharing, it’s the best VPN provider we’ve tested. Period. Exclamation point even! With IPVanish you’re not just getting a great file sharing VPN with a no-logging policy, you’re getting the complete package: Completely reliable and fast connections, a wide range of servers to connect to, and exceptional customer support all come with your choosing of IPVanish.

Negatives: They have lower server numbers than most VPN providers.

Conclusion: We speak so highly of IPVanish because they do everything a VPN provider should. You may not be aware of this, but their parent company (Highwinds) was one of the first developers of the important file-sharing technology UseNet. P2P filesharing is in their very DNA, and it shows. There are four other VPN providers that are good, or even great, on this list. None of them touch IPVanish.

2. CyberGhostVPN

Positives: CyberGhostVPN has grown so quickly over the last year that it is hard to ignore them. Fortunately, their P2P file sharing has grown with them. You’ll be able to do P2P file-sharing on a wide range of their servers. Their VPN kill switch is also incredibly useful for protecting your privacy when your VPN connection drops while you’re sharing.

Negatives: Some of their premium servers block P2P file-sharing due to country restrictions. Connection issues occur as well.

Conclusion: CyberGhostVPN is an exceptional all-around VPN provider for P2P file sharing. The reason that they have not ranked as high as IPVanish is that they do have connection dropping issues. Their VPN kill switch will protect you, but it can be annoying when you leave torrents streaming all night only to wake up to your connection being killed again.

3. Private Internet Access

Positives: Private Internet Access take their name seriously as they have one of the most well respected policies on privacy in the business. Their no-logging policy ensures that you’re able to do P2P file sharing as much as you want. You get this while enjoying their easy to use software, and reliable connections.

Negatives: While the connections are reliable, connection speeds for P2P were found to be slower.

Conclusion: Private Internet Access excels at anonymity, and this carries over to their protection of you during P2P file sharing. Their speeds for this are not the fastest, but they will get your content downloaded. You will also be using their easy to understand software, making them a prime choice for VPN beginners.

4. PureVPN


Positives: PureVPN has some of the coolest software with incredible features. Some of this software can be very useful for someone doing P2P. Their Split-Tunneling technology, and their auto-reconnect, are examples.

Negatives: PureVPN only allows P2P on certain servers, and bans it on servers located in Canada, UK, USA, and Australia. As is the case in their review, their poor customer support holds them back.

Conclusion: If PureVPN would just take better care of their customers they’d rank higher. If you never have a problem they’re a great VPN for P2P file sharing, but their poor customer service does not allow them to rank higher.

5. HideIP VPN

Hotspot Shield

Positives: HideIP VPN is a newer provider with a great no-logging policy, decent speeds, and no data caps on traffic. They do all the right things that a VPN provider should on a small scale due to their emerging nature.

Negatives: They don’t allow P2P traffic on their US, UK, or Canadian VPN servers. You can only use their German and Netherlands servers for P2P. Your account will be banned with no refund if you don’t follow this.

Conclusion: HideIP VPN would rank higher in this list of the best VPN providers for P2P if they had more servers. There are currently only 5 in the Netherlands and 3 in Germany that you can use. These leads to their servers getting bogged down at times. With more servers we’d gladly rank them higher.

Please note that we do not condone, nor facilitate, any copyright infringement by recommending these Torrent friendly VPNs. We believe in a truly free and anonymous Internet and thus provide this list of best torrent VPNs.

Did you know that even using a VPN you are not 100% safe and anonymous, especially on Windows machines. Please read this How using a VPN isn’t enough blog post for more information on how to truly secure yourself and be anonymous surfing the web and using the best torrent VPNs to their maximum capacity.