The 5 Best VPNs for Australia

Australian VPNs

The Australian government enacted the Australian Communication and Media Authority act in 2011, ushering a new wave of online censorship. These draconian measures blocked over 500 websites, making VPNs even more essential for users.

On top of that, Australian is frequently subjected to geo-blocking. If you’re an Aussie who has had enough, or just visiting Australia, check out the 5 best VPNs for Australia:

5 Best VPNs for Australia

RankProviderPros / ConsPricingLinks
RankProviderPros / ConsPricingLinks
The #1 Best VPN for Australia
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth / No Data Caps
✔ Multiple Australian Servers
✔ Highly reliable and fast in Australia
✔ Excellent Customer Support
✔ Simple Intuitive Software
Starting at $6.49/Month VPNIPVanish Best Torrent VPN Review
Excellent Australian VPN. Many Servers.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth and No Data Caps
✔ 15 Servers in Australia
✔ Reliable and fast in Australia
✔ Feature packed Software
✖ Lacks servers in key Australian cities
✖ Some customer support issues
Starting at $6.55/Month
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Private Internet Access
Good, Cheap VPN for Australia
✔ The Best Australian VPN for the price
✔ 219 Servers in Australia!
✔ No Logging policy
✔ Good Customer Support
✖ All servers in Sydney / Melbourne areas
✖ No Money-Back Guarantee
✖ Basic software lacks good features
Starting at 3.33/Month
VPN IPVanish Best Torrent VPN Review
Premium VPN. Good option for Australia
✔ Multiple Australian Servers
✔ Private and Reliable Tier-1 network
✔ Good and fully featured software
✔ 3 Server Locations
✖ Expensive
Starting at $6.67/Month VPNCyberghost Review
CyberGhost VPN
Fast Growing Australian VPN 
✔ 11 Australian VPN Servers
✔ Pretty fast and reliable service in Australia
✔ Sleek and Simple Software
✔ Dedicated IP Addresses Available
✖ All 8 Servers are in the Melbourne area
✖ 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
Starting at $5.84/Month
VPNCyberghost Review


1. IPVanish – The Best VPN for Australians

Positives: When it comes to IPVanish, you get a high quality product no matter where you are. Their high quality service translates to any country on Earth. You enjoy the same high level of encryption in Australia as you do in Kenya. You experience the same no logging policy in Australia as you do in Venezuela. Knocking them off the top of the podium in any category is difficult.

Negatives: They have a low diversity of Australian cities, they only have servers in Sydney. This need not be a huge issue as slowdowns have not been reported. You’re still able to connect to servers in the UK to access geo-blocked content on the BBC iPlayer.

Conclusion: Your decision of whether or not IPVanish is the best VPN for Australia will depend on your need for servers in the country. We have not experienced a slowdown, but if you’re not in Sydney, where all the servers are, you will not have the lowest Ping rate. Otherwise, you will enjoy their no-logging policy, easy to use software, and ability to unlock a wide variety of geo-blocked content.

2. Hide My Ass

Positives: Hide My Ass took the time to grow their servers down under. With the largest network across the world, they gave Aussies more servers to better accommodate their growing number of customers. You’re able to connect to many servers in nearby countries as well to get past Aussie censorship while still having a low Ping rate.

Negatives: They have no servers in Perth or Adelaide, which is odd considering how thoroughly they usually cover countries they enter.

Conclusion: Hide My Ass have travelled far and wide to provide the most comprehensive server list in the world. With servers in two key Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney, they have helped a wide range of Australians obtain a low Ping rate, while giving them the rest of the world as well. Hide My Ass have done an excellent job giving a worldwide network experience to Australia.

3. Private Internet Access

Positives: Private Internet Access continue to amaze with their incredible server numbers. You will never, ever, find yourself lacking a fast local server. With 219 servers in this small country, which is absolutely outrageous! You’ll always be able to find a server that isn’t bogged down with too many users. You’ll also be able to enjoy PIA’s no logging policy.

Negatives: While they have many servers, these are concentrated to just Sydney and Melbourne. Spreading their numbers to one or two other cities would have seen them higher on this list.

Conclusion: With their low price point you may think that PIA is the cheap choice for the best VPN in Australia, but there’s nothing ‘discount-feeling’ about them. They’re a well established force in the Australian VPN world, with more servers in the country than any other. They are only held back by their software, and not spreading their servers to more cities.

4. VyprVPN

Positives: VyprVPN have one of the most cutting edge services in the industry. They are a Tier-1 network, managing every aspect of their business, and have been in the Internet industry for over 2 decades. You know that what they’re bringing to the Australian market is high quality.

Negatives: If all you want is to get around geo-blocking, their price is a bit high. For other security concerns it is well worth the price. Their 3 server locations are fast, but a wider spread would be better.

Conclusion: You can choose VyprVPN for your Australian VPN needs and be completely satisfied. They have unsurpassed innovation in the industry, but their price and low server count could potentially be a turn-off.

5. CyberGhostVPN

Positives: CyberGhostVPN has been growing quicker than nearly every VPN we’ve come across, including their rising server count in Australia. With innovative features already built in, and a wide network of servers in other countries to get past geo-blocking, they’re a great choice as one of the best VPNs for Australia.

Negatives: They have 11 servers, but all 11 are in Melbourne. This makes for lower Ping rates for all those in other major cities who deserve their own server.

Conclusion: CyberGhostVPN is building their server list in Australia, and abroad. If you want to be part of a company that is going to grow and not stagnate, you can’t go wrong. If you’re not in Melbourne, and you want a low Ping rate, you may want to look at the options above.


Final Thoughts

Our list of the Best Australian VPNs is strongly based on the quality and reliability of them when we tested them on our trip to Australia. IPVanish, which has been very reliable for us in the past, did not fail us on our trip. No drops or disconnects and fast speeds throughout most of the country. HideMyAss, at a close second was just as reliable as IPVanish and was actually slightly quicker, but is moved to #2 due to poor user reviews.

Keep in mind that the Best Australian VPN is for users who want to connect with a Australian IP Address in a server in Australia. Web services that Geo-Block Australian IPs will still be blocked when connected to an Australian IP, so you will need to connect to a server outside of Australia for these, which may cause slower speeds than our experience. In these cases, we recommend checking out the Best Netflix VPN or Best VPN Provider overall for the best universal picks.