Website: www.purevpn.com
Company: GZ Systems Ltd (Hong Kong)
Protocols: SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec
Servers: 583 VPN Servers in 141 Countries
Price: $9.95 / Monthly

Customer Ratings
1 Star

Editors’ Ratings


PureVPN offers a good service but due to bad customer support we don’t recommend them.
For better options, please check our list for the Top 10 VPN Providers.


Quick Summary

PureVPN Review in a nutshell

IP VanishPureVPN provides an unlimited VPN Service with 583 servers in 141 different countries, and supporting all major protocols and devices. The PureVPN Software is very easy to use and has tons of great features including a traffic log chart, auto-reconnection and the ability to split select traffic through the VPN and other traffic through your local network, known as Split Tunneling. Another interesting feature is their “Country Selection Tool”, which lets you choice a VPN based on Country or Purpose.

Unfortunately, PureVPN’s customer support is horrible. We’ve contacted them on multiple occasions only to receive week-late replies or no replies at all. So if you were to have any issues or need to cancel, you’d be out of luck!

Overall, PureVPN offers a great service. However, their poor customer support leaves us no choice but to not recommend PureVPN at this time. If you’re searching for a comparable VPN with excellent support, we’d recommend IPVanish or VyprVPN.
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Reliability & Speed Test

PureVPN is faster than most VPN providers we tested. Our normal download speed (without a VPN) is about 11mbsp. Using PureVPN VPN, our average internet speed was about 9 ~ 10 mbps; just an 85-90% difference which is very good! Reliability was also well above-average, thanks to their One-Click and Speed Guide feature. We rarely had issues.

Speed Test Results

Tip: VPN Speeds and Reliability always vary. For the best results, connect to a server close to you (Ping < 100ms) using OpenVPN (the fastest and most secure protocol). If you have issues with a server, disconnect and try a different one. There are no limits on switches.

Pricing and Discounts
We love how simple PureVPN makes their VPN service and pricing. They offer 1 Unlimited VPN Plan (which includes it all) with your choose of three term periods; 1, 6 or 12 months.


Best PureVPN Price
Standard Plan$6.25/mo
Unlimited Plan$13.30/mo
Pure Gold Plan$12.08/mo

Claim Your Discount

What does it include?
✔ 583 Servers. 141 Countries. 53k+ IPs.
✔ Unlimited Bandwidth, Uncapped Speed
✔ Advance Easy-to-Use Software
✔ Compatible w/ Phones & Tablets
✔ New IP every time you connect

Tip: Try PureVPN for 1 Month to see if it’s right for you. If you like it, upgrade to a longer term and save! If you find it’s not for you, you’re only covered by a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Servers and Countries
One of the most notable qualities of PureVPN, is not only their extensive network, but the fact that they’re always growing. They currently have 583 Servers in 141 Countries available (Updated May 3, 2016) (See the Entire List).
Customer Support
Customer Support

Customer Support Review

We have nothing against PureVPN, but after recently experiencing horrible customer support and receiving complaints from customers, we have to rate their support Zero (0) Stars.

In October 2014, we contacted PureVPN in regards to an issue. We receive an automated reply right away telling us that we should expect a reply within a few hours. We never did. We decided to contacted them again using our alias (that we used to purchase their VPN) regarding a similar issue and again – nothing! We contacted them a 3rd time, this time posing as a potential customer. BAM! A response right away.
In short, our experience showed that their Customer Support is there. However, they’re only there to sell their service and will ignore you if you have an issue. The logic behind this makes no sense, but this fact alone ruins everything else that was good about this company.

PureVPN Offers One (1) from of Support

Email Support (Don’t even bother) – Email is their only method of contacting them, however you’ll only be able to reach their sales team. Their technical support and billing departments are rarely available.

Policy Highlights
Money-Back Guarantee – One of the Best in the Industry!
PureVPN offers a 7 Day Money-Back Guarantee on their VPN service. While we have not needed to request a refund, many users who have requested refunds have had no issues (usually receiving a refund within 3 – 5 days)

Anonymity – Good for Normal Usage. Not Hacker-Friendly!
PureVPN keeps you anonymous and secure whenever you’re online, and only log a minimal amount of information. PureVPN logs server connection attempts only to track abuses. They do not log which websites you visit or outgoing traffic. According to PureVPN:

“We only log the times you connect and disconnect from our service. We do not log what activity you get up to behind our VPN service, such as what websites you visit and who you talk to.”

The Conclusion
We once recommended PureVPN as they were the best option for SSTP (a very secure encryption method), dedicated IP Addresses, and a few other awesome features. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a VPN with bad customer support – which is the case with PureVPN.

We would not recommend PureVPN for most users, especially those who are not tech savvy and frequently need help. There are plenty of alternatives that you’ll find on our Top 10 VPN list. If you absolutely need some of their unique features, we’d say tread carefully.

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Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by Arturo on PureVPN

They offer a 7 days money back guarantee which they do not honor, the service is just a scam do not buy it

by J Spitz on PureVPN

Six months ago PureVPN worked well and support would help if were persistent. Twice, after asking, they used TEAMVIEWER to go hands-on and remotely correct problems after their links would not work. There were limited number of people who could/would remotely make corrections.

In the last two week stream speeds had dropped to extremely low levels. Servers may now have some metod to quickly ID vpn user then lower speed. This is only a guess.

I would not recommend it now.

by Dan on PureVPN

Just received my refund in full within 3 days of trying. PureVPN support is all through text/email chatting with their PureVPN Technical Support folks and their answers always include a link to another web page (knowledge bank) that explains how to fix problems. You will not be able to find those links from their customer home page – they only send you the link if you ask the question. For example, if you want to cancel your account, there isn’t a link for that. Submit a support request and they will send you a link to a page to cancel your account. Beware, the page opens but it does not provide a function to cancel your account--you need to submit another tech support request about the page. There are problems like this throughout the Pure VPN customer website. I believe this is a purposeful do-loop (endless circle) to keep you engaged with tech support.

Service: negative stars. Tried to access blocked websites in the US (ABC TV, Disney Channel, etc) from outside the US and each site said that it appears I am not in the United States; “Error: You appear to be outside the United States…” Spent 20 hours playing with VPN settings, trying different VPN servers, and even resorted to manually configured my router to see if I’d have any luck. No joy. Zero. The support is so frustrating that you would want to cancel rather than deal with the nonsensical back and forth text/emails with PureVPN.

My download speeds dropped by 75% and lower (No higher than 6Mbs) depending on the VPN server. I used www.speedtest.net to check speeds with multiple servers. Hello…how is streaming supposed to work effectively. I paid PureVPN extra for their “Dedicated Streaming”, which claims “this add-on will boost your speed to 20Mbps, no matter how slow your internet speed is.” Its foolish to believe their advertisement.

by Ken on PureVPN

They won't refund to as promised "7 days money back guarantee" !!! I was rejected for my refund !!! 44.95usd !!!


by Janette on PureVPN

If it was possible to give no stars I would. You can't cancel at any time as they advertise. You have to request cancellation. When you do this, expect to be ignored and billed again. When you complain, they will send you instructions on how to request cancellation. When you complain again, they will ignore you. When you request cancellation again, they will respond advising you not to cancel - and then ignore you again. They are utter cowboys. Use another service and do your research - I wish I had.

by Patrick on PureVPN

I tried to cancel out after 24 hours and got hassled and turned down because I did not meet the requires of refund, even though their websites stated 3 day satisfaction money back guarantee. Forget your refund it ain't gonna happen. So many connectivity bugs that they want to waist time with you to solve.
I tried them and they suck. With PIA internet it was plug and go no hassles and cheaper.

by Flabiz on PureVPN

I am surprised that the employees of this sh!t of a VPN service does not flood this review with their "pureVPN is awesome" comments. I guess the truth finds a way.
THIS VPN service is CRAP. Avoid at all costs. They are dishonest and unprofessional. Would've been excusable if their service is good but it isn't. It is a terrible VPN with slow servers and features that they say exists but doesn't

by Disappointed on PureVPN

I can't recommend PureVPN. The service works intermittently, and customer service doesn't respond with solutions. I waste a lot of time trying to connect to an often slow server. The only thing you can count on with PureVPN is terrible speed or no connection at all. There's a reason they try to bribe you with low subscription fees. Don't waste your money. Pay a little bit more for something that actually works.

by Mesut on PureVPN

My observation about this vpn service is negative in terms of their hidden policies.
I have been using purevpn sine November 2014.I had sing up for 1 year. in April they cancelled my account because of They say I am abusing their service . I didn’t know only 200 connection per day is allowed. I said ok they may cancel my account but they need to return money back for the rest of my days. They said no. Here is their answer:


Thanks for your reply. PureVPN does not put any cap on bandwidth or data usage per user however the use of service is subjected to fair usage. Creating automated or manual VPN sessions in a manner that would impersonate a bot or exerting excessive load on the network that may disturb other users on the network or utilizing substantially excessive bandwidth that exceeds the average user bandwidth usage for an extended duration or the likes, all are considered as unfair usage of the network. PureVPN reserves the right to temporary suspend or permanently terminate users found involved in unfair usage of its services.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further assistance.

PureVPN Technical Support”

by Iberialing on PureVPN

PUREVPN are Extortionists and close to scammers with misleading advertisements.

- Their 3 days refund policy will 99% of chance exclude your claim, 500mb of usage and your claim is gone.

- Their server in my country (in the EU) was giving me connection of 0.5mb/s while my connection with other VPN service was 8mb/s.

- They block torrents. No matter what you download. Even where it is legal for personal use (e.g Switzerland).

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