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10 Most Downloaded Movies October 14 2016

Folks, see it for yourself: This may just be the most consistent Most Downloaded Movies list we’ve ever had. Apparently you all know what you like to download and watch out there, and you’ve been at getting those movies for the last 2 weeks! There’s one little surprise at the end we’ll look at too.

At the very top of this list, once again as this is the second week in a row, is The Infiltrator. This movie seems to be even more popular as a download than it was in theatres, and it did ok in theatres. We also still have those Suicide Squad anti-hero bad guys sitting at number 2 again this week. They show no sings of slowing down as they have been off and on this list for months. On a side note: Yes, it’s quite ok for dozens of women to dress up in screen-accurate Harley Quinn outfits at every comic con, and for Hallowe’en parties. Very, very ok.

Could you all do me a small favor and stop downloading that new Ghostbusters movie and download the classics again? Seriously. They’re so, so much better. It is, however, great to see interest in Star Trek: Beyond so high. The movie is based on the original series which is a masterwork in budget storytelling via passion that every sci-fi fan should watch after seeing these movies. It’s worth it just for William Shatner‘s dramatic lighting alone. I also can’t knock the current cast, strong choices and strong performances from all involved.

You guys are all still downloading The Magnificent Seven while it’s early in its theatre run …good luck with the awful cam versions out there! Miss Peregrine’s Long Title is also still in theatres and seeing some heavy downloading of cam versions. Another movie that was downloaded very often while still in theatres was The Secret Life of Pets. There is a new version of it out there just this last week which looks better if you’re fed up with that cam you downloaded months ago. Let’s be honest though: Your kid is watching it and couldn’t really care less!


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