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5 Best Virus Protection Apps for iPhone 2017

Choosing the best virus protection apps for your iPhone is very important. Too many people believe that their iPhone is in vulnerable.This is simply not the case as there are all kinds of malware out there that can cause you to lose money, or even your entire iPhone.

While your iPhone does have greater virus protection, it is not infallible. Creating viruses for iPhones is becoming more popular as the device itself becomes more popular. Hackers want to make money, and they make money when a lot of people use the same device or software. Your best defense is to make yourself a difficult target, and that is what the best virus protection apps for iPhone will do for you.

Best virus protection apps for iPhone

iOS devices are not invulnerable

I know for certain that they’re some of you out there who do not believe me when I say that iPhones are vulnerable to viruses. A very simple look on Wikipedia will show you a number of viruses out in the wild for iPhone:

  • Lock Saver Free
  • KeyRaider
  • XcodeGhost
  • YiSpecter
  • Muda
  • Youmi Ad SDK

And those are just the ones from 2015. This is also only viruses that were created by individuals, it doesn’t even count the exploits started by governments.

The risk of getting a virus increases even more when your iPhone is jailbroken. Jailbreaking an iPhone breaks down a number of its security defenses. If your phone has not been factory unlocked, and it is unlocked, you had better be sure to invest in a virus protection app. Use this app as part of a complete mobile security plan, which includes a high quality VPN for iPhone for encrypting your communications over Wi-Fi.

Five virus protection apps for your iPhone


The original intent of the Lookout virus protection app was to help identify whether or not you were a victim of the Pegasus attack. While it still does this, it does so much more now:

  • Locate your lost iPhone using a map found on Lookout.com.
  • It saves your device’s location before the battery dies .
  • It creates an automatic backup of your contacts.
  • When you mark your iPhone as lost it displays a message on the screen with your contact information.
  • They send a theft alert notice if they believe your iPhone has been stolen.
  • Automatic photo backup. You can then access these photos online.

The team at Lookout were sure to include these exceptional features so that their virus protection app stayed relevant for a long time.

avast-best-virus-protection-app-iphoneAvast SecureMe

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the best virus protection apps for iPhone or any other device: Avast will always be part of the discussion. They create a wide variety of virus protection apps for nearly every single device you can think of, and they have created a great one for iPhone.

The name of this app is Avast SecureMe. The app focuses on protecting your information from becoming vulnerable to viruses. This includes your:

  • Online messaging apps
  • Online shopping
  • Online banking

Avast makes sure that your information stays private, and helps to prevent leaks of your data. If it feels that there is a threat against your data it notifies you of this.

mcafee-iphone-virus-protection-appMcAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security reminds us that not all of our security risks happen when we are on Wi-Fi, or surfing the Internet. You can be hacked by those who are in close proximity to you using snooping tools.

How McAfee protects you is by:

  • Encrypting your confidential files, and then reporting if anyone tries access them.
  • Backing up your iPhone data.
  • Allowing you to retrieve this data if you are to lose your iPhone or have the data deleted.
  • Sending images directly to a secured default.

Viruses which snoop on your iPhone are the hidden dangers you may never discover without a good virus protection app.They can be equally harmful as they locate important information, or steal pictures which can be used for blackmail.

avira-mobile-security-appAvira Mobile Security

The Avira Mobile Security tool has a huge focus on emails. If you spend all day looking at your Gmail on your iPhone you will need this app. It continually scans:

  • Your emails
  • Emails of contacts

For any sort of breaches. It does this with an identity checker, and by scanning your contact list to check against breaches.

You can also use it as a backup for checking to make sure that your operating system is up-to-date. Having the latest update will help protect you against viruses, because these frequently contain security updates.

norton-virus-protection-app-iphoneNorton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security’s helps you constantly monitor your iPhone for threats. It has to honestly be said that Norton is no longer what it once was on iPhone. Part of the problem is that you cannot get Norton separately. It comes as a free app which is part of a subscription to the main app on desktop or laptop.

The main way that Norton mobile security can be used as a virus protection app is how you can quickly locate your phone with a screamer. Anyone trying to do something malicious with your phone when it is lost will not have the most pleasant of times when this is on. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is make yourself an inconvenient target.

Protect your iPhone with the best virus protection apps

No one can afford to be completely negligent with their iPhone security. Using a VPN to protect yourself over Wi-Fi, and installing a good virus protection app, is something that everyone should do.

Many people are storing their entire lives on their iPhone. Could you ever imagine yourself losing all of that to a malicious act? It’s not a pleasant thought, and just a couple of apps can prevent it from happening.