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Choose the Best Online Security Tool to Protect Your Data

Protecting yourself, and your valuable online data, is an essential in this increasingly hazardous online world. In this article I will look at 5 online security tools that you can use to protect yourself.

Five Online Security Tools to Protect Your Data

1. Ghostery helps you block scripts and discover ad networks

Ghostery, an online security toolGhostery has the handy ability to block scripts that are running in the background of your browser. Which is cool. But it will also allow you to get information on the ad networks and tracking scripts which are operating on websites that you visit.

Ok, so you know who’s tracking you. Big deal, right? Nope, because Ghostery has a pop up that lets you see the privacy policies and opt-out options of the websites. You can officially tell them to mind their own damn business!

2. KB SSL Enforcer strong arms websites into doing the right thing

KB SSL Enforcer is an online security tool that takes a look at something we likely ignore all day, and that would be the difference between these two codes: HTTP, HTTPS. Notice the big difference? The ‘S’ is the key here as it stands for SSL. This is an added layer of cryptography that helps protect your information.KB SSL Enforcer logo, an online security tool

When you come to a new website, KB SSL Enforcer checks to see if it is HTTP or HTTPS. When it finds one which is HTTP, it attempts to HTTPS_Everywhere_logolocate the HTTPS equivalent. The extension maintains a list of sites with an HTTPS version and forces you browser to go to it.

HTTPS Everywhere is a similar plug-in if you happen to not like KB SSL.

3. A VPN is your one stop online security tool

A VPN works to protect your personal information, your surfing habits, your data, everything you do online, all at once. It does this by sending your information through a secure and encrypted connection, and by altering your IP Address.

Using a VPN can replace all of these other apps and tools if you’re smart about it. Your VPN is always on, always working for your privacy, and is pretty much foolproof once you install it. See our review page for examples of the best VPN providers.

4. ScriptSafe stops Java and those who exploit it

The most common place for a hacker to plant malware is within JavaScript that automatically loads on webpages. The ScriptSafe extension allows you to create a list of sites that you trust to not be hacked and allows them to run JavaScript freely.

This online security tool feature can be handy as you may only want to enjoy Java on certain websites, while on others you’d rather just read the text. Either way, it can increase your security online.

5. Kaspersky Anti-Banner eliminates pop ups

This is one of the most trusted internet security suites. Don’t believe me? Check the awards and ratings. This app comes with the Anti-Banner plug-in which will block all of those endless banners that pop up when you’re trying to look at something on a webpage.

Adblocker plus working to protect me onlineAdblock Plus is another option if you’re not in the mood to download a whole new security suite.

Have I missed something that you use and would like to share? Let’s talk about it. Online security tools need to become more prominent a discussion so that the Heartbleeds of the world don’t ruin us all!

For further advice on simple ways to secure your online data, see my other article on easy online data protection ideas.

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