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Best VPN Software: The Top 5 Reviewed

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With VPNs being a foreign concept to many average Internet users, finding the best VPN software can make all the difference. Ease of use, with advanced features, makes for a better experience with your chosen VPN.

The problem, of course, is you’ll never know how well the software works until you purchase a VPN package! Fortunately for you, reviewing VPNs is what we’re all about here at BVP! We’ve tested dozens of VPNs, including their software, and this is the top 5 best VPN software packages that we’ve come across.

hidemyass-logo1: Hide My Ass! software review

There’s no question about it: Hide My Ass! has the best VPN software by far. Their ease of use is quite high, boiling down their large and complicated network into something small and easy to understand for the average user.

They also have advanced features that can come in quite handy as you seek a higher level of privacy and online protection. The most useful features include:

  • Speed Guide: Helps you find the fastest connection for your location at the time.
  • Random IP address change: Change how often your IP address changes to make tracking you more difficult.
  • Secure IP bind: This is their Internet kill switch feature, killing your entire Internet connection when your VPN drops so your true IP isn’t exposed.
  • Secure selection: Group servers by regions you want to connect to and find the fastest one.
  • Load balancing: Directs you to other, faster, servers when the server you are on becomes full.

Each one of those features is ready to make your experience on HMA better, and easier, to understand. The entire interface’s user-friendly arrangement wraps everything up neatly so that you don’t have to struggle, making them the best VPN software package available.

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ipvanish logo2: IP Vanish software review

The secret behind IP Vanish’s VPN software is how simple it is. There’s one window showing all of their servers and their response time from you. They are arranged from quickest to slowest. This is all you look at 99% of the time, and it is what I’m currently seeing through my personal IP Vanish connection.

To get to their more advanced features you can open the preferences menu. Here you can select things like:

  • When the VPN software starts running, such as on login
  • Which VPN protocol you use when connected, more on VPN protocols
  • What server to connect to automatically (if chosen)

IP Vanish is as a simple of a piece of VPN software as you can hope for. A recent software update from IP Vanish for Mac 10.10 users only is in beta stage and looks to build on their software even more. With all of the features that put them at the top of our best overall VPN providers list, along with their intuitive software, it’s no wonder so many people choose IP Vanish as their VPN service provider!

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cyberghost logo3: Cyberghost VPN software review

Cyberghost VPN are another VPN software provider that have incredible advanced features, and one big bonus that users love. Cyberghost have an animated map which features a pointer representing your location which moves to your selected server’s location. It doesn’t do anything but add a little fun to your experience!

The advanced features which see it ranking well include:

  • Private Network Creation: Used by gamers to all be on one network.
  • Stateful Failover: When one server fails they keep you encrypted on another server with no dropping.
  • VPN Kill Switch: Same as HMA’s Secure IP Bind; it kills your entire Internet connection to protect your real IP address.
  • Load Balancing: You can either monitor manually, or set it to Automatic, the load on your server and switch when it’s full.

The animation is a fun gimmick that doesn’t get old too quickly. All of the other features that Cyberghost bring are what make it a serious contender for best VPN software on our list.

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vyprvpn logo4: VyprVPN software review

VyprVPN is owned by the Golden Frog Network, a company that has been in the Internet business for decades. With all of their skills and experience you can be sure that they built one of the best VPN software programs available,

Advanced features with their easy to use interface includes:

  • Auto Connect on Unknown WiFi: Using a VPN on public WiFi is essential to repel against attacks, this feature can save you the one time you forget to connect.
  • Auto Reconnect: If you don’t tell it to disconnect, and your connection goes down, it will attempt to reconnect for you.
  • Kill Switch: Great when used with the above feature to minimize downtime.

Basic features like their setting which lets you automatically connect to the fastest server will help new users get online ,and get encrypted, with ease. An option to Favorite the servers you use most rounds out VyprVPN’s software with powerful built in automatic features, and a few simple tools that help you organize yourself better.

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private internet access logo5: Private Internet Access software review

If all you want is a VPN which keeps you completely private, with a VPN software package that just gets its job done without getting in your way, Private Internet Access is who you want to choose. They’ll even send you the software link with your login details already loaded – now that’s convenience!

As far as advanced features go, you’re not exactly spoiled with a plethora of choices:

  • DNS leak protection
  • VPN kill switch

Both are, of course, very useful. They only let you connect to a small batch of servers an don’t give you any information on server loads, or ping rates. You mostly leave it up to them to find the best connection automatically in your desired location. This can be great if you just want a VPN software package that you can set and forget. Advanced users may want to look higher on this list.

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