BuyViews was a full service YouTube marketing firm and YouTube Views service provider, with prices starting at $19. It was founded in 2015 and serviced over 30,000 clients, helping drive nearly 9 BILLION views, along with likes and comments, to over 180,000 youtube videos. BuyViews was shutdown in 2018 due to internal issues. 

After BuyViews closed permanently in 2018, the massive 100 person team behind the company split ways. Some of those amazingly talented people joined Best VPN Provider, this VPN review website, with a special focus on testing and determining the best VPNs for Streaming, YouTube TV, and of course, the best VPN for torrenting anonymously. Their experience working with YouTube and streaming sites, anonymity and data analysis has helped us improve our testing for these VPN categories and we’re happy to have them on our team.