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CyberGhost blocked by HBOMax

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Users of CyberGhost VPN have been able to reliably access HBOMax through their special Streaming VPN server until today. It appears HBOMax has blocked or banned CyberGhost’s HBOMax VPN server and users are receiving an error, though it’s not the normal VPN Detected Error. The error simply states a generic “Can’t Connect” page.

We first noticed the issue from a Reddit user u/Nath74K on the r/CyberGhost subreddit, who posted a thread HBO Max not loading? on Monday August 9th around 10am EST. Our own test confirmed the issue was not local and was affecting all CyberGhost users.

We will be monitoring the situation and how CyberGhost responds and how soon they’re able to get HBOMax back up and running.

UPDATE: August 17th, 2021

A day after we reported this incident, CyberGhost responded to the Reddit post with a generic “Sorry about that. We’ll look into it” response.

Nevertheless, this problem continues to persist. We attempted to test CyberGhost with HBOMax but the United States HBO server is completely offline and not selectable from the VPN app. We’ve reached out to CyberGhost and are awaiting an update and hopefully a resolution.