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Don’t Use Verizon Digital Secure Safe WiFi VPN. Here’s why!

If you’re like me and have Verizon as your mobile carrier, you might have received a text message informing you that your current plan has a FREE VPN service included, called Digital Secure. You may even be tempted to download it just for the hell of it. It’s “included”, right? And VPN are good! But this this Verizon-owned VPN is not what it appears.

First and foremost, we DO NOT RECOMMEND the Verizon Digital Secure Safe Wifi VPN. It’s a half-assed VPN that is designed to monitor and sell your online activity. It’s Version’s way to keep tracking your online activity under the guise of “safeguarding your internet connection and personal data”. Bullshit. Never use a VPN that’s owned by your ISP. It’s practically SPYWARE!

But before I completely knock it, here’s what they do “OK”:

  1. It hides your real IP address — Like any other VPN, Version’s Safe Wifi VPN encrypts your connection and hides your real IP address with their VPN‘s Ip address.
  2. It encrypts your connection on public Wifi and hotspots — Like any basic VPN.
  3. Blocks Malware and Ads — They block connections and websites that are known malware or advertisers.
  4. You can connect up to 10 devices on 1 account — This is surprising but not surprising. You can connect to their VPN on all of your devices, and your whole family’s devices… so they can monitor EVERYTHING you and your family does.

What they do wrong:

  1. They log everything. EVERYTHING. They are your ISP. They just want your data. This is their way of spying on your activity, even when you think they’re not.
  2. No torrenting allowed. Since Verizon logs all of your activity and connections, torrenting is OFF LIMITS. If someone contacts Verizon with a complaint or lawsuit — they will give out your information faster than you can blink. If you’re thinking about torrenting on a VPN, use a VPN that actually protects you when you’re torrenting.
  3. Streaming doesn’t work. — Most streaming sites actively block VPNs, unless your VPN has ant-VPN detection technology like the best streaming VPNs do. Verizon’s VPN doesn’t do that and won’t work with Netflix, YouTube TV, Hulu, Amazon Price, Disney plus or even ESPN.
  4. No advanced features (ie. kill switch, Double VPN, and DNS leak protection) — This is another big disadvantage. Verizon’s Safe WIFI vpn is basic and doesn’t offer protection that most VPNs offer standard nowadays.
  5. Unknown Encryption Level / Protocols — What encryption level and protocols does Verizon’s VPN use? It’s a mystery, they won’t reveal that information and that is NOT GOOD. But on the other hand, it doesn’t really matter because they’re spying on you anyway.
  6. It’s overpriced. At $10/mo, you can get 2 real VPNs. Seriously. The Best Cheap VPNs offer more features and advantages for much less than half the price.
  7. It’s based in a five-eyes country — But honestly, having your ISP as your VPN is way worse. It’s like getting into a car wreck and having your car totaled, and then getting a flat tire afterwards. The cars already totaled. What difference does it make?
  8. Did I mention it’s owned by an ISP? RUN. RUN NOW.

We recommend using a real VPN, and ideally one of the verified best VPN providers. VPNs like CyberGhost, NordVPN and IPVanish do not log your data, offer advanced security features, and allow you to torrent and reliably access streaming services and bypass geo-blocking and VPN-detection. Avoid using Verizon’s VPN service if you care about your online privacy.