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Most Downloaded Movies August 26 2016

Another fast-moving week in my list of the most downloaded movies for August 26, 2016. 2 movies hung around from last week, an older one from a few weeks showed up, besides that it’s 7 new movies to the list!

At number 1 this week is the surprisingly good Mel Gibson film Blood Father. Isn’t he crazy now? Like, he’s way into S&M and …no, that was an episode of South Park. Reaching number 2, likely because someone got their hands on an advanced DVD, is Ice Age: Collision Course. Read some reviews for it some time. A children’s movie hasn’t been this hated by adults since Barney. A 12% fresh rating on RT doesn’t say much about its appeal either.

Dropping down from number one is Now You See Me 2. Seeing Dave Franco do real card tricks on the talk show circuit has been fun, but who out there liked this film? It didn’t do much for me. Still hanging around is Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, which has to be my least favorite Seth Rogen movie. And this is coming from someone who has a folder on his hard drive called ‘Seth Rogen.’ For real, I couldn’t watch this whole movie. Showing up on the list again after a couple weeks off is the Tom Hanks ‘fish out of water’ film A Hologram for the King. Reviews have been a bit average, but you know Tom does well in his role.

A film I knew nothing about was Killing Salazar. It doesn’t even have an RT entry. This is likely because it’s a straight to DVD movie with Steven Seagal, and MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre. The first review I found of it, on IMDB, literally said that it’s not even worth watching for free …and here it is at number 4 on the most downloaded list! Sorry, guys. Seeing Equal on here is interesting. That movie made $9,000 in its opening weekend. That probably didn’t cover Kristen Stewart’s fee for her assistant, let alone her! Someone buy this movie, when it releases on Sept. 6, instead of downloading it so Hollywood doesn’t go bankrupt! Lastly, The Sea of Trees is about Matthew Mcconaughey and a pal going to a forest in Japan to kill themselves. That’s not alright, alright, alright.


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