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The Most Downloaded Movies June 3 2016

The dirty muties rule the most downloaded movies list again this week, June 3, 2016, the same way they rule the North American box office! A new comedy, an unreleased film, and others round at a list which looks different than last week from number 2 on down.

X-Men: Apocalypse continues to rule the box office, and the Interwebs, as the most popular movie in the world right now. I’ve seen the film and it is worth your time and money to go to the theatre to see it. Quicksilver has another great scene that you’ll want to see as large as possible!

Seeing Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising so high up the list was surprising! This Seth Rogen comedy hasn’t seen too much in the way of press or advertising, but if it’s a Seth Rogen movie I’ll watch it 10 time out of 10. I even watched The Guilt Trip AND Green Hornet …twice each. The other comedy movie on the list which is great to see is YouTube’s Key & Peele in Keanu. The movie looks pretty, well, go into it open minded as the tagline is “Kitten, Please.” Method Man stars as a gangster, lord knows what they do to this cat. I’m not sure how to talk about Alice Through the Looking Glass. It’s box office performance has been a comedy. What in the world made them think that going up against X-Men was a good idea?

Andron is surprising to see on this too. It hasn’t been released yet! Someone leaked it… It’s set in the year 2154, so it’s got some future sci-fi feel to it. It also stars Alec Baldwin, who I have a hard time picturing as anything but his 30 Rock character, and Danny Glover. London Has Fallen was released in theatres quite some time ago, and appeared on the list back then. There’s now a 1080p version out, so that has sent this mediocre film back up the list again. I don’t expect it to last there long.

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The most downloaded movies list is built every week with data pulled from a search engine for torrenting or p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes only. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promotes the distribution of copyrighted movies.