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The Most Downloaded Movies May 27, 2016

Sorry I missed you all last week, but I’m back with a brand new most downloaded movies list for May 27, 2016! This list features a big, big movie at the top, and some interesting new additions I can’t wait to see further down.

The X-Men: Apocalypse bomb hit the movie world over the last week as it debuted in European markets a week before the USA. I’m going to see it tonight so don’t ruin it in the comments (I’m kidding, I’m just plain not going to read them until after I see the movie), but this movie has been surprisingly panned by critics. It’s Rotten Tomatoes score is much lower than the previous film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, but buzz on it has been ENORMOUS. Let’s all see it in theatres and figure out if it’s worth another viewing, or a download. Fair warning that all files floating around of this right now are half-assed cams. See it in theatres.

Other interesting films on the list this week includes Hugh Jackman not ripping people apart with adamantium claws in Eddie The Eagle. It’s a feel-good movie based on a true story. There’s also The Call Up, which must be a leak because it hasn’t officially released yet. And The Brothers Grimsby was literally only in my local theatre for one weekend, and then it was gone. Which made me sad. I really wanted to get a little un-sober and see that in theatres with my equally un-sobered girlfriend.

I am thinking of re-naming this the Top 9 Most Downloaded Movies of the week + Kung Fu Panda 3. You guys just keep on downloading that! It’s been on nearly every list since I started! I managed to make it all the way through The Boss last week, very much not sober, and I’d recommend you watch it slightly out of your head too. 10 Cloverfield Lane continues to be the movie I know nothing abut but want to see most, while Zoolander 2 remains the movie that most likely should not have been made.

Just so you know, this list is for informational purposes. I am not saying that anyone should ever download copyrighted movies. Be sure protect yourself against a DMCA notice from your ISP if you chose to, by using any of the VPN providers found by clicking the button below. They will encrypt your downloading and torrenting.

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The most downloaded movies list is built every week with data pulled from a search engine for torrenting or p2p downloads. All of the information here is for informational purposes only. Those of us here at BVP doesn’t promotes the distribution of copyrighted movies.