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10 Most Downloaded Movies October 7 2016

We’ve seen some consistency from last week to this week’s 10 most downloaded movies list. The new additions are noteworthy, and it’s worth looking at the well-respected #1 movie!

At the very top of this list, up from third last week, is The Infiltrator. Yo, this movie is great, bitch! What? It doesn’t start Jesse, just Mr. White? Hm. Bryan Cranston stars in this well respected movie that’s actually based on a true story. The two movies behind it are, of course, also based on true stories. Is that right? Suicide Squad and Mechanic: Resurrection were true stories, right? No? Moving along…

In ‘if you see it while it’s still in theatres you’re going to have a bad time’ news we have Lights Out and Miss Peregrine’s Really Long Title. They both have bad cam versions floating around at the moment. If you have to watch it now, and you’re too lazy to actually go to the theatre… Well. Boooooo. The two movies are quite different though. Lights Out is a straight-up horror film with possibly the worst movie poster I’ve seen. Miss Peregrine is more for children and tweens. I will not see either. Ever. New and noteworthy this week is the critically hated Passage to Mars. The critics beat it up to the tune of a 29% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but fans ate it up with a 92% fresh rating! What’s going on here? Who has seen it? Comment below as this true story of a NASA artic expedition sounds very intriguing.

We still have Star Trek: Beyond hanging around the list. Why this movie didn’t do better numbers in theatres is anyones guess. Mr. Bourne actually moved up the list despite the fact he’s been hanging around for a long time. And Ghostbusters is still on the list despite the fact I try so hard to ignore it, and only talk smack when it shows up. There’s only so much one bad movie reviewer can do…

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