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Most Downloaded Movies September 2 2016

There are some HUGE movies on this week’s most downloaded movie list. We’ve got a super-soldier, a super-spy, a super kick boxer, and a super stoner. Keep reading to see what was hot in p2p this week!
I had no idea that the number 1 movie this week would be Skiptrace, or that the number 2 movie would be Kickboxer: Vengeance. The first is a movie about two unlikely people teaming up, and those people are played by Johnny Knoxville and Jackie Chan. #Random The latter film is a continuation of the Jean-Claude van Damme Kickboxer franchise …except with Jean in more of a supporting role. The star of the flick is Drax the Destroyer, er, Dave Bautista.

Zoom is an interesting looking film which follows the lives of a director, a novelist, and a comic book artist. You had me at comic book artist, I am definitely going to watch this soon. Let me know if you’ve seen it in the comments. I guess the big star is Jason Preistly, but this seems to be more of an ensemble film. The other really interesting movie to show up on the list this week was Antibirth. It hasn’t done well with audiences or critics, but it’s a bit of a crazed drug movie and there’s gotta be at least a few good moments with Chloe Sevigny starring. Namely when she’s on screen.

Last, but certainly not least, are two films we’re certainly going to see off and on for the next few months on this list. We have the unstoppable Marvel Universe spanning Captain America: Civil War. Critics loved it, fans loved it, I loved it. If you saw it in theatres you know it’s going to be great to watch at home too. Next we have the newest Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon to watch. Honestly, I was never big into these films. I’m also not a James Bond fan, and they seem similar. Could any fans comment below on what they like about these movies? I’m just not connecting at all.

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