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Most Downloaded Movies September 23 2016

Movie lovers! What’s good with you? This week’s most downloaded movies were diverse, and highly entertaining. There are some great movies out there that are definitely worth your time, take a read of what’s popular!

*Sigh* Ok. It was the most downloaded movie of the week, so I have to talk about the new Ghostbusters. To me, there will never, ever be a replacement for the original four. Period. If you like it, good on ya. I hold no ill will. Staying near the top, only slipping 1 spot, is Suicide Squad. With the announcements going on about Margot Robbie signing on for a Harley Quinn solo, you can be that this movie met expectations. I’m a hardcore comic book nerd, and I’ll say I was adequately entertained. My younger brother (by 10 years) went crazy for Harley and this film.

The Jason Bourne series continues to connect with audiences, which is evident by both its box office receipts and its consistent appearances on this list. Alice Through the Looking Glass is back on the list because someone got hold of a 1080p version, it looks god but I don’t know if it’s really that good to watch. Ya feel me? Now You See Me 2 is another movie surging back up the list because a higher quality version has replaced the old cam that was floating around right after the theatrical release.

One movie to draw a bit of attention to is Sully. It’s just in theatres so you can be sure that all you’ll download of it is either crappy cam, or has some Mandarin text hard-coded into it. You’re going to have a bad time, see it in theatres instead. Two movies that are a good time though are Central Intelligence, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Who knew that putting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a mountain of a man, with the 5’4″ tall Kevin Hart would be such a great fit? The movie is hilarious! Mike an Dave was better than expected too, that Zac Efron is much, much less annoying now that he’s not in those musicals set in a high school.

And he was magic in Hairspray.

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