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Most Downloaded Movies September 9 2016

What a fun week in movie downloading! One movie seemed to blow up the Internet, a few surprising new ones showed up, and there’s one being downloaded that I’d really like you all to see in theatres or support in some way. Let’s check out the most downloaded movies of September 9, 2016 now!

Holy cow, you guys. X-Men: Apocalypse is certainly the most downloaded movie this week! Maybe of the whole month just from the past 7 days! There are dozens of very popular torrents being downloaded in a variety of file formats, 720p and 1080p, different language …it’s crazy how many there are and how many of them rank well! Another surprise, as it releases today, was Ithaca. It’s based on a book written in 1943 which is about a boy on a delivery bike and WW2. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are in it, no word on if the delivery boy tells them they’ve got mail.

I can not go any further without asking you all to do this: For the Love of Spock is at #7 on the list. Everyone should see this movie, but please, please take the time to support it if you can. It’s in North American theatres this weekend, you can buy it on Vimeo, please check out the website to see all the ways you can support it with t shirts and other memorabilia. It has been so well reviewed, you will not be disappointed. Other new movies include the surprisingly good Other People, starring Jesse Plemons (you may remember him shooting a dirt bike riding child on Breaking Bad) and Molly Shannon, and the truly bizarre American Hero. Does anyone know why this movie is on the list? It released in December of 2015, maybe people were hungry for its different take on superheroes with all the traditional heroes being viewed right now.

What were we just talking about? Superheroes? Well, Captain America: Civil War took a major dive down the list, likely due to some dirty mutants. And considering all he has done, I think it’s time we discussed Jason Bourne as a superhero, or at least a Captain America-esque super solider/spy. And, you know, I guess I have to mention that those 4 turtles somewhat resembling the TMNT of old (the comic book ones that were brutal ninjas who actually used their weapons) are in a movie that people are watching. For some reason…

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