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ExpressVPN Browser Extension Updated: Our Review & Thoughts

Not all VPN providers have browser extensions, with ExpressVPN among those rare providers having this feature. The renowned VPN company just updated its browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension has a new look plus new features.

ExpressVPN browser extension as VPN remote control


ExpressVPN’s browser extension can act as a VPN remote control. You won’t have to open the ExpressVPN app as this extension will allow you to do almost any VPN tasks, such as:

  • Turning on or turning off the VPN connection
  • Auto-connecting to a previously-used VPN location or selecting another location
  • Checking the status of your VPN connection in a glance

With these functionalities, ExpressVPN’s extension works like their app. You can change the VPN settings while browsing the Internet. The company’s live chat support confirms this fact:

ExpressVPN Browser Extension - Live Chat 1

Unlike other VPN browser extensions that protect only the activities within the browser, ExpressVPN’s extension will protect all online activities as long as you have the ExpressVPN’s connection on:

ExpressVPN Browser Extension - Live Chat 2

ExpressVPN browser extension spoofs HTML5 geo-location

While VPNs can hide your physical location by masking your IP address, HTML5 sites can still track you through your device’s GPS, location settings, or nearby Wi-Fi networks.

ExpressVPN’s new browser extension prevents this thing from happening by spoofing your HTML5 geo-location, without the need to block websites or content providers.

ExpressVPN browser extension has “HTTPS Everywhere”

When you visit a website, HTTPS Everywhere makes sure you get auto-connected to the more secure HTTPS version of that site. ExpressVPN’s browser extension has this feature, and it works with or without a VPN connection.

ExpressVPN browser extension blocks webRTC

WebRTC is a thorny issue for VPN users. There was a previous report about certain VPN providers leaking users’ IP addresses through a webRTC flaw, making users vulnerable to security risks.

ExpressVPN’s browser extension blocks webRTC without the need to tinker with the browser’s settings or install webRTC-disabling plug-ins.

ExpressVPN browser extension: final thoughts

ExpressVPN’s updated browser extension provides a simple way to connect or disconnect the VPN connection without leaving Chrome or Firefox. You can easily manage your VPN connection settings without having the VPN app open all the time. You can: block webRTC, spoof your HTML5 geo-location, and use HTTPS Everywhere. Perhaps the best thing about this tool is that it can cover your entire online activities as long as the VPN is on.

We listed ExpressVPN as one of the top VPN providers in the industry, and its new browser extension further enriches its merits. Check our review of ExpressVPN to learn more about this popular VPN provider.