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Find the Best VPN Client to Download and Use!

Choosing a good VPN can come largely down to choosing a good VPN client. That’s because the VPN client is going to do a lot of the work in controlling your VPN experience. The features that it has built into it, and the way that they are laid out, will directly impact how you use your VPN.

What makes for a good VPN client will vary from person to person. Below you will find the 5 best we’ve used. Pay attention to each one so that you can find the exact client for your needs, and get the experience that will work for you.

hidemyass-logo1: Hide My Ass! VPN client review

From looks, to ease of use, to cutting edge features: The Hide My Ass! client has it all! Anyone getting to know their VPN may think it impossible to boil their ENORMOUS network down into something that ordinary people can understand, but they have done it.

While the client may be easy to use, that doesn’t mean it has basic features. You can use cutting-edge VPN tools such as:

  • Secure IP bind: This may be the most useful feature to go on any VPN client. While HMA! are not unique in having one, they still deliver an exceptional experience. This tool, also called a VPN kill switch, stops everything your Internet is doing if the VPN connection drops – including your secured and anonymous downloads or uploads.
  • Speed Guide: With such as vast network, you need help navigating it. With this you can group servers together and test to see which is fastest.
  • IP address change: Hiding your IP address is one of the major features of a VPN. Being able to change your IP address gives you even greater anonymity as your surf the Internet.
  • Load balancing: The server you first connected to may get loaded up with other people, this will send you to a nearby server that has fewer people on it and is faster.

These four features, and many more, are part of what make The Hide My Ass! client the best around, and them one of the best VPN providers we know of.

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ipvanish logo2: IPVanish VPN client review

From their pricing to their client, IPVanish keeps things simple. From one window you can access everything you need by clicking through the tabs along the left hand side. None of this messy business clicking through other menus in a preferences tab anymore.

The Settings tab is where they REALLY flex their muscle. Within this tab you can select their useful features:

  • Which VPN protocol you want the client to use
  • Their own VPN kill switch
  • Timed IP address changes
  • Auto reconnect if the server drops
  • Auto start when the computer’s turned on, or when launched

You can literally set up IPVanish’s client so that you only have to turn your computer on and it does everything else for you …forever. It’s no wonder that they rank at the very top of our Top 10 VPN providers list with a client this good, and a service that delivers on all fronts.

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cyberghost logo3: Cyberghost VPN client review

With Cyberghost VPN you get all of the great features of the above providers with a bonus: Fun animations! While the animated feature in their app doesn’t actually do anything useful, it shows where you are animates an arrow point where you’re connecting to, it does add to the experience.

They couple this with a number of features that need to be the standard for VPNs:

  • Kill Switch: The same as the two above, killing your connection to protect your real IP address if the server drops.
  • Load balancing: Switching you to a faster server when the one you choose becomes too full.

They also have two unique features to them which can be very useful:

  • Private Networks: Gamers protecting themselves from DDoS attacks love how easily they can set up their own private network for their friends to join.
  • Stateful failover: This switches you to another VPN server automatically when your connection drops, keeping you encrypted the whole time.

These two features can make Cyberghost your number one choice, especially if you’re a gamer who wants to easily create private networks to game on with your friends.

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vyprvpn logo4: VyprVPN VPN client review

The team at VyprVPN are backed by the decades old Golden Frog Network. With all of their online experience they added one really interesting feature, looked at first, along with industry standards:

  • Auto-Connect on Unknown WiFi: Perhaps one of the best reasons to use a VPN is on public WiFi where Fake WAP attack are all too common. This feature connects your VPN right away so that you can’t forget and leave yourself vulnerable.
  • Kill switch: If your VPN provider’s client doesn’t have a kill switch, you’re wasting your time.
  • Fastest server: Why play around trying to figure out which server will be fastest for you when they already have this built in?
  • Reconnect: Another automatic feature that helps lessen your time spent fiddling with their software.

One last feature from the client which we enjoy is one which lets you select your favorite servers. For whatever reason you like them, such as unlocking certain geo-blocked content, you can quickly find the servers you like.

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private internet access logo5: Private Internet Access VPN client review

Private Internet Access have done everything they can to make their VPN experience simple. Their pricing is not only cheap, but easy to understand. Ok, that’s good. But what else do they do to make your download->payment->installation->using the client experience easier? They send you your login details right to your email when you sign up! Done!

While their advanced features are lower, they are the best ones:

These two features will keep you private, exactly what Private Internet Access strive to do, in the easiest way possible. Besides this, they automatically choose the fastest server for you. The lack of information they give out on their servers could be frustrating for a know-it-all techy, but it gets the job done for everyone who just wants a VPN client with a fast connection that’s secure.

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