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How to Hide Your IP Address

You want to go stealth-mode, huh? Excellent Idea! Your IP Address is more than just a bunch of random numbers. It’s your online identity in a way as it tells people exactly where you are, and who you are. Whether you’re browsing the web or downloading a popular torrent, someone can use your IP to identify you and track you down… which is pretty scary. Your IP Address and location is displayed below (No worries – we don’t log your info).

Your IP:

Country: United States

City: Ashburn

ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.

OS: Unknown OS Platform

Browser: Unknown Browser

Spooky, right? The sad part is that most people don’t even know this, and others don’t seem to care. But you… you’re different. You’re curious and concerned about your online security, and we respect that. In fact, we’re here to help you!

There are a few different ways you can hide your IP Address. Some ways work better than others – Here are the top three methods:

1. VPN (Fastest and Secure)

A VPN Service (short for Virtual Private Network) is one of the most popular and secure ways to hide your IP Address with virtually no slowdown of your Internet Speed. It works by encrypting your information and tunnelling it through a Virtual Private Network before it gets into the public Internet.

In addition to hiding your IP Address, VPN’s will encrypts all of your outgoing data. This protects you from hackers, snooping corporations, and even your own government. A VPN lets you pick where you want your “Fake Public IP Address” to be located. You can be ‘from’ another city, or even another country! This lets you bypass blocked websites, and eliminate government imposed censorship.

VPN Services range from $5 to $10 a month, and it’s the ideal way of hiding your IP Address. The Top VPN Providers are listed below (Reviewed by our experts & verified customers):

2. Tor (Most Secure, but Slow)

Tor_logo1 The next best way, and probably the most secure way of hiding your IP Address and online usage, is using a Tor Network. Tor tunnels your internet traffic though not one, but multiple worldwide, volunteer networks consisting of over six thousand relays.

The advantage is that it is a lot more secure and confidential since your encrypted data is bouncing around tons of different volunteer networks between you and the internet. It’s also free to use.

The disadvantage (which is it’s biggest turn off) is that it is slow. New users also find it more complex to set up. We wouldn’t recommend it for downloading or streaming (you can try though), but for normal browsing it’s perfectly fine.

Tor is Free. You can download the software at The Tor Project.

3. Proxy (Free but Limited)

The third most popular method of hiding your IP Address is using a Proxy. This method is popular because it’s free and easy to use but it’s not the best – not even close. Proxies work similar to VPN’s except they don’t encrypt your data and they’re strictly browser-based.

When using a proxy, your browser data is sent to a server which acts as the middleman between you and the internet. The internet traffic that passes through Proxies aren’t always encrypted (Unless the website uses HTTPS). As a result, clever tricks can easily reveal your true IP Address and location to hackers and websites. Since most proxies are free, they’re usually very slow as tons of people use them.

We wouldn’t recommend using a proxy to hide your IP unless you have no other option. They’re usually free and a quick Google search will reveal thousands of proxies to choose from. Some are more reliable than others. You can also check out the links below to top proxies:

Proxy.com (Proxy List / Web Proxy)
HideMyAss Web Proxy
HideMyAss Proxy List

That should do it! These are the top three most popular ways of hiding (and changing) your IP Address to stay anonymous online and protect your privacy. We hope this guide helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page or contact us. We’re happy to help those in need!

It’s a crazy internet out there. Stay safe!

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