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How To Install Kodi On Firestick

Kodi is not exactly a straightforward media player. It comes with a slightly complex learning curve. However, installing Kodi on your Firestick is actually easier than you might think. I have laid out a simple step-by-step guide that will help you every step of the way. Follow these instructions, and you’ll have Kodi installed on your Firestick in no time. Note that these same steps are applicable for installing Kodi on your Fire TV as well.

How to install Kodi on Firestick: A step-by-step instruction manual

Installing Kodi can be tricky if you don’t know your way around the app. Like every other program, installing Kodi comes with a set of instructions which allow you to tweak and configure the app manually. Below, you will find the steps necessary to get your Kodi installed on Firestick:

  • Go to your Firestick’s homepage
  • Click on “Settings.”How to Install Kodi on Firestick - Kodi Logo
  • Select the “My Fire TV” option.
  • Select the “Developers” option.
  • If apps from “Unknown Sources” is turned off, select it.
  • Click “Turn On.”
  • Click the home icon on your Firestick remote to return to the home screen. Click on the “Search” icon.
  • Type in “Downloader,” and select the first matching option.
  • If your Firestick doesn’t have the “Downloader App” installed, click the Download icon, and start downloading.
  • Click “Open” to launch “Downloader.”
  • If a warning sign pops up, click on the “Allow” button.
  • Click “Okay” on the Quick Start Guide.
  • Under “Enter the URL of the website you want to load or the file you want to download,” press the “Select” button on your remote to make a keyboard appear, and type in the URL: https://kodi.tv/download.

This is, in short, how you can install Kodi on Firestick. Once Kodi on Firestick is installed, you need to learn how to use it properly.
Before we delve into the quirks of Kodi and how to handle the app properly, let me mention right off the bat that you will need a good VPN to go along with your Kodi app. The simple reason behind this lies in the add-ons created by third-party developers. While Kodi is perfectly legal to use in most countries, these add-ons created by various developers may put your Kodi activity in sort of a gray area. You don’t want to be running the risk of getting penalized. Be cautious and choose a VPN for streaming, such as these two below:
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How to install Kodi 18 Leia on Firestick

Kodi 18 Leia is the latest version available on the Kodi website. The instructions for installing Kodi 18 Leia on Firestick are the following:

  • After completing the initial steps, the Kodi website will appear.
  • Next, you’ll need to scroll down the page to the “Older Releases” section, and click on “Here.”
  • Select “android/” under “File Name.”
  • Select “Kodi-18.0-Leia_beta5-armeabi-v7a.apk” under file name.
  • The file should now begin to download.
  • After the file is successfully downloaded, select “Install” in the window that appears.
  • Now select “Open.”

You have now successfully downloaded the latest Kodi version on Firestick.

How to use Kodi

Once Kodi is installed, you’ll see the interface and Kodi’s home-screen. Even though Kodi as a media player may seem a bit incomprehensible at first, its learning curve is not at all that scary. Once you get used to the unique layout and distinct features, it’s all smooth sailing from there. After the Kodi installation is over, you’ll need to learn how to handle a couple of things:

  • Kodi skin: The interface or the home screen of your Kodi is called a Kodi skin. If you don’t like the native Kodi skin, you can easily change it and refurbish the look of your Kodi’s appearance according to your personal preference.
  • Kodi add-ons: Think of a Kodi add-on as an application that provides you the content you want to watch. There are thousands of Kodi add-ons, and choosing your favorite add-ons can be a daunting task. Given that Kodi add-ons are there to help you customize and improve your Kodi viewing experience, I suggest that you thoroughly research and find the best Kodi add-ons we’ve reviewed on our site.

Once you have successfully installed your desired Kodi add-on, you’ll see the categories for viewing which may include Movies, TV Series, Genres, Sports, Music, and more.

How to install a Kodi add-on

Choosing a Kodi add-on may be a tough choice, but installing Kodi add-ons is certainly not as difficult. Follow this step-by-step scheme, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time:

  • Click on the “Kodi Settings” icon.
  • Click on “System.”
  • Scroll down until you find the Add-ons menu, and click “Toggle Switch” to turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Click on “Yes.”
  • Click on “File Manager.”
  • Click on “Add Source.”
  • Click “None.”

That’s the entire process. By following this guideline, you’ll be able to install any Kodi add-on, whether it is from an official repository or a third-party developer. Be cautious when choosing a Kodi add-on, because third-party add-ons can contain malware which could harm your device. 

Use a VPN to enhance your Kodi experience

Investing in a quality VPN is a smart decision. Before you install any add-on on your Kodi, you should secure your Internet connection. Not only will a VPN help secure your Internet connection, but it will also help you with:

  • Geo-unblocking: A VPN allows you to access geo-restricted content on Kodi. Without a Kodi VPN, you’ll only be able to watch videos from your local area. If a show or a movie is restricted in your area, you won’t be able to watch it without a VPN. To make sure you bypass the geo-restrictions, you need to make sure that you pick a VPN that has servers in locations where Kodi is allowed.
  • Stream anonymously: While streaming itself is not illegal, there are some Kodi add-ons (especially those which involve P2P networking) which are deemed as questionable Kodi sources. Through encryption, a VPN will keep your online activities safe and untraceable.
  • ISP throttling: ISPs may block some Kodi add-ons and even burden the speed of your Internet connection. VPNs will help you establish a faster and more stable connection. The video below, from the excellent VPN provider Cyberghost, explains more.

A VPN keeps your connections safe and private. Even though Kodi is legal to use, add-ons from third-party developers are known to cause legal trouble. To make sure you’ve got the right VPN for the job, check out our reviews and find the best Kodi VPNs to help you find the ideal VPN for your needs.