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How To Use a VPN to Get Easy Servers on Call of Duty Warzone

How to Use a VPN to Get Easy Servers on Call of Duty Warzone   

There’s no worse feeling than getting almost to the final circle in Warzone only to be dunked on by some super sweat (probably with the Dorito dust cluttering up his fingers) – except for getting dunked on again, and again, and again every time you fire up a new COD lobby.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality of this Battle Royale right now for millions and millions of players.

Combine all the detailed analytics that the COD developers have about your abilities (and all of your game results) with their special formula of Skill Based Matchmaking – something that makes everyone go crazy – and you’re practically guaranteed to be in sweat lobbies sooner rather than later.

But what if it didn’t have to be like this anymore?

What if YOU could be the sweat, dunking all over bots and newbies left and right, all without having to ever worry about SBMM ever again.

Sound too good to be true?

Sound like a Warzone paradise?

You’re going to want to see what we have to say below that.

It’s All About Timing When You Want to Duck the Sweats

If you’ve ever wondered how streamers seem to get stuck in lobbies filled to the brim with bots, newbies, and players that generally just have absolutely zero game sense whatsoever – allowing them to stack bodies left and right while piling up the win count – prepare to be blown away.

Most of these streamers (not all of them, but most of them) aren’t playing around the same time that you are.

No, instead they are jumping on in the middle of the night (we are talking about anywhere between midnight and 4 AM) or in the middle of the day (anywhere between noon and 4 PM) in order to take advantage of the fact that most good players are asleep or at work.

Which means they have to be thrown in lobbies with less experienced players, younger players, and players that (if they are otherwise pretty skilled) are operating on a pretty significant lack of sleep.

It’s not at all uncommon for these streamers to get up and play in almost outrageous windows of time just to get these lobbies. But when you realize that they have a significant chunk of change on the line – sometimes hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars if they aren’t able to entertain their fans – it’s obviously a relatively small sacrifice.

What if I told you, though, that a lot of these streamers have figured out that they don’t even have to get up at the crack of dawn any longer to enjoy these midnight lobbies, though?

What if I also told you that YOU could unlock these same lobbies, anytime day or night, on demand whenever you like, without any headache or hassle whatsoever?

Welcome to the world of Warzone VPNs!

Use a VPN to Unlock Bot Lobbies Effortlessly

If you haven’t ever heard of a VPN before, we are talking about Virtual Private Networks – services that essentially allow you to “bounce” your IP address all over the world even without ever leaving your physical location.

With a proper VPN (one specifically designed with competitive FPS gaming in mind like the Warzone VPNs available on the market today) you’ll be able to unlock bot lobbies once and for all, and do so on demand whenever you feel like it – even permanently, if you want!

The idea here is pretty simple and straightforward:

Anytime you want to fire up a game of Warzone you have a look at the clock.

If you’re looking at “prime hours” in your time zone – anywhere between 5 PM and midnight – you’re probably going to get stuck in lobbies with the sweatiest players imaginable.

That’s going to guarantee a lot of Top 10 finishes but it’s going to make pulling off the W next to impossible unless you are grinding just as hard, running meta-weapons and loadouts, and basically working your buns off when you should be having fun.

With a VPN, though, you can instantly transport yourself (digitally, of course) anywhere around the world and play in their time zone during prime hours in your own.

This means you could bounce halfway around the world so that now instead of playing at 5 PM local time you’re actually playing at 3 AM somewhere else – and going up against lobbies filled with players that are logging in at 3 AM their time.

Those kinds of lobbies are immediately going to be a whole lot easier to play against just because of the kinds of players that are filling them out.

You usually don’t find a lot of sweats kicking it at 3 AM.

Sure, your kill comms might be filled with all kinds of expletives from a language that you don’t recognize because of it – but that’s a small price to pay for getting dub after dub after dub with these kinds of lobbies.

Say Goodbye to Skill Base Matchmaking Forever

The other killer advantage here is that you’re going to be able to wave goodbye to skill-based matchmarking (SBMM) on a permanent basis now.

Because you are jumping into different time zones and playing during their “off-peak hours” you’re going to be going up against whatever players they can fill a lobby with.

And since you have the ability to play during hours you know most sweats are away (just from the stats, does provide) you’ll never have to worry about SBMM raining on your parade from here on out.

Instead you’ll be able to have more casual games of Warzone, games that are a whole lot more fun, and games that allow you to goof around a little bit – and play with weapons and loadouts that are off meta-– in a way that would have been almost impossible to do before.

When you get right down to it, it almost sounds crazy to play Warzone without a VPN.

If you’re tired of the sweats, if you’re tired of the grind, and if you’re tired of SBMM sucking the joy out of one of the best Battle Royale titles ever made you have to get your hands on a VPN account ASAP.

It changes everything!

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