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IPVanish Adds Bitcoin, Popular CyptoCurrency, as Payment Option

Fans of IPVanish, one of the best VPN providers in the world (we rank them at the top of our current listing ourselves) just got even better, and more private for those who want it. This privacy comes in the way of them adding Bitcoin as a payment option, and true fans of privacy couldn’t be happier about it.

What’s the big deal about Bitcoin being accepted by IPVanish?

True anonymity can only be achieved when you gain privacy from the company that is protecting you. In a VPN provider context, that means that not even the VPN provider can know who you are. Bitcoin offers that level of anonymity when you use it to purchase an account with IPVanish, a brand new offering from one of the most trusted VPN providers.

The usual payment options all connect directly to you. Your credit card is the most often used, and you had better bet that it is closely tied to everything about you. When you use it to pay for a VPN account your privacy is only as far away as a phone call from a local police ipvanishdepartment that demands to know your identity.

Using Bitcoin, and it’s layer of anonymity, gives you freedom from this last barrier between you and truly being anonymous online. Every other option, no matter how you cloak yourself, is not anonymous.

How do you use Bitcoin with your IPVanish account?

First, you have to be signed up with BitCoin. You can buy Bitcoins by visiting their page and checking out the three locations they recommend:

There are others out there where you can buy Bitcoin to use to pay for your IPVanish account, but those three are the most popular.

You will want to purchase enough Bitcoin to cover your IPVanish account for the desired length of time. $77.99 will get you a full year of completely anonymous protection, that’s around 0.16 Bitcoins. Going with a yearly account would be wise as you can not currently purchase recurring accounts with Bitcoin, pay once and get it done. The monthly savings can really add up.

When prompted, you will pay for your IPVanish account out of your Bitcoin wallet – and IPVanish never have to know who you are. You’re completely anonymous every time you turn on your IPVanish VPN account!

Whoa, wait, are Bitcoins a stable currency?

one bitcoinThere has been a lot of speculation about the stability of online currencies and cryptocurrencies. As with all new things, there were some growing pains along the way and a crash or two. The general trend with Bitcoin now is on the up and up as the bottom worth for the currency never dips as low as it once did.

In short, it’s levelling off and gaining acceptance as more places, like IPVanish, accept them, and as ATMs pop up all over the world. I’m no investment expert, but you can see for yourself that there is not likely to be a crash in Bitcoin worth.

If you’re really that worried, just buy enough Bitcoins to pay for your IPVanish account for the year, and see how things are in 365 days!

Stay completely anonymous with Bitcoin as your payment method on IPVanish

Combining IPVanish’s exceptional privacy policy, with Bitcoins layer of payment identity protection, offers you one of the best anonymous services online. Read our IPVanish review to learn more.

With this added layer of protection for their users, we’re currently trying to come up with a way to rate IPVanish higher than number one, but as Jay Z said in a song with Bey: jay and bey1Feature image via Alexander Kirch / Shutterstock
Jay and Bey from Wikimedia Commons.

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