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MagnetDL Alternatives: Where to Go Now That MagnetDL Shuts Down

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Sad news for torrenting and P2P users—MagnetDL shut down after seven years of operation. MagnetDL gave no specific reason why it closed, but faithful users of the popular magnet torrent search engine have got no choice now but to look for other alternatives.

What is MagnetDL?

MagnetDL was launched in 2012 and relied on magnet links instead of torrent files. Although it wasn’t as visible as The Pirate Bay and more popular torrenting sites, thanks to an easy-to-use interface, MagnetDL gained a steady base of loyal users. The website didn’t change that much over the years, with the Help page being one of the most informative among torrenting sites.

In a sudden announcement on Sunday, May 19, 2019, MagnetDL left this parting message on its home page: “MagnetDL has closed. It has been a great seven years and it’s sad to have it come to an end. Thanks to everyone who has visited over the years especially our regular visitors.”

MagnetDL Shutting Down

MagnetDL didn’t give any explanations. I’m not aware of any public news about the site facing legal troubles or severe issues that could force it to this abrupt closure. I can only assume that it might be due to loss of revenue or being targeted by some copyright holders. It could also be a simple case where MagnetDL’s owner lost the motivation to continue the site. Then again, these are just my speculations.

MagnetDL’s announcement took many by surprise

MagnetDL has loyal followers, mostly in the UK where it’s one of those rare torrent sites not blocked by ISPs there. No wonder many were surprised—and sad—about MagnetDL’s closure.


Where to go now?

MagnetDL’s closing down is not the end for torrent and P2P users. There are equally capable sites where you can find useful links for your torrenting needs. Check out this list of the best torrenting websites where you can download almost any content that you need.

Note that while torrenting is not exactly illegal, it’s hounded by a few gray areas that could cause some concern. For your ultimate protection online, I highly recommend that you combine your torrenting activities with a high-quality VPN provider. Take a look at these top VPN providers for torrenting to help you download torrents safely.