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Most Downloaded Movies August 19, 2016

Well, that escalated quickly. The most downloaded movies list for August 19, 2016 looks much different than last week. A few movies got a DVD release, and a DVD rip, one movie announcement lead to some nostalgia, and we all love a sausage party…

The number 1 movie this week is the newly 1080p’d Now You See Me 2. Not too long ago the first installment was on this list the week before this one released. Interested in the magical movie series is high, but will there be a third? We’ll see. The second movie, Imperium, staring an FBI agent as a white supremacist Harry Potter, er, Daniel Radcliffe …is an unexpected performance. Critics are praising his portrayal, we’re a long way from Hogwarts here.

The movie which I’m kinda saddened to see on the list, because I’m so excited to see it in theatres this weekend, is Sausage Party. The Seth Rogen love continued as Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising also made the list again after sitting it out a few weeks. I hope Sausage Party is better than Neighbors 2, I couldn’t make it through that whole movie. And PineApple Express and This is the End are my two favorite ‘watch while having the munchies’ movies. One of Seth’s pals, Craig Robinson, is also doing very well with the critics in his movie Morris from America. It’s a real ‘fish out of water’ movie as Craig and his son move from the USA to Germany.

This may just be me, and my Canadian roots showing, but the not yet officially released Spaceman is a movie I’d like to see do well. It’s about an eccentric baseball pitcher who once pitched from the Montreal Expos. Now the movie that shouldn’t be on this list at all, but is, would be Ocean’s Eleven. What’s a 25 year old movie doing on here amongst the hottest new releases? It was announced this week that an all-female Ocean’s Eleven would be released. Because, girl power. Here’s hoping it’s a continuation, and not a straight up remake as details are sketchy right now.

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