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The Most Downloaded Movies of March 18 2016

Hello, and welcome to another wonderful edition of the most downloaded movies of the week for March 18, 2016. This week we see the sequel nobody asked for, London Has Fallen, come out on the top of the list. Are you all sitting at home asking how you can be offended today? Or does Morgan Freeman save this movie?

With London Has Fallen setting the bar pretty low as far as quality entertainment, it’s refreshing to see the number 2 movie on the list: Zootopia. I can’t remember the last time I saw a 99% rating on Rotten tomatoes! The critics are saying it’s as fun for the kids as it is for the grown up, I feel like I will soon be dragged to see it by my girlfriend.

Deadpool is back in the top 3, but be sure to see it in theatres! If we all keep pushing we can make it the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time! I’ve seen it 3 times already. Speaking of movies in the theatre which you must go see, Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes its first appearance on the list. It’s likely that it was widely downloaded before this list started though.

Leonardo DiCaprio is still fighting it out on the list in The Revenant, bear style. The god awful Gods of Egypt is still hanging around like a fart in a movie theatre, and I’m sorry to say that I actually found Ride Along 2 pretty funny. Dumb, but funny. Why argue with the laughs?

I’d like to remind my readers again that this list is for informational purposes only. I don’t recommend downloading movies illegally, or using copyright protected torrents. If you choose to do so, you would be smart to protect yourself against a DMCA notice. Do this with a VPN provider which will hide and ecnrypt your activities.

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This list was built this week using aggregate data pulled from a number of meta-search engines for torrent discovery. All of the information here is for your information only as we don’t promote the distribution of copyrighted materials.