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Pelispedia Alternatives: Popular Streaming Site Shut Down

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Another streaming website was shut down. This time, it’s Pelispedia.tv, a popular streaming site in Latin America which used to get more than one million visitors daily. The shutdown occurred after Uruguayan authorities, in cooperation with Interpol and the US film industry, arrested a couple last week suspected as the website’s operators.

What happened to Pelispedia

The police raided the couple’s residence, arrested the pair, gained access to the Pelispedia’s domain, and verified the trap money sent to the operators’ Payoneer account. The couple had no regular jobs, with Pelispedia as their sole source of income. The site was estimated to be making $5,000 a month.

Following the raid, several assets were seized—including a 2008 Peugeot and a 2014 Volkswagen—and the site was shut down.

This is the last snapshot of the streaming site before it became inaccessible.

Pelispedia May 20 Snapshot

In early March, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and a number of prominent US film outfits denounced Pelispedia’s copyright infringement, triggering an investigation that led to last week’s arrests. In late April, the US Trade Representative listed Pelispedia as a notorious pirate site, along with The Pirate Bay, FMovies, and Uploaded.

Pelispedia alternatives

With the proliferation of multiple streaming sites, people nowadays have instant access to movies and TV shows. With several streaming sites being taken down one after another, there will come a time when choices of streaming sites will be severely diminished. We still have torrenting and P2P sharing as alternatives for satisfying our movie fix though! You can download all the movies you like to watch, then save the file as long as you want for your repetitive enjoyment.

If you still want to stick to streaming, then continue looking for streaming sites that are still operational or have consistently evaded the authorities. Putlocker is one popular site that should fit your bill. This site has already faced legal troubles in the US, with the MPAA deeming it as a pirate site, similar to Pelispedia. Putlocker is still up until today; it keeps on reviving itself through different domain names and country codes.

Whenever you download movies online, or use a streaming site it’s best to be safe by using a high-quality torrenting VPN, like the ones below. While torrenting is not exactly illegal, it has a few gray areas. Using a VPN will save you the trouble of being tracked and from other pressing issues associated with torrenting.

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