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SecurityKiss Review

SecurityKiss is a VPN provider that has been in business since 2010. The company claims to provide robust security solutions for both businesses and individual users. Its network contains 104 servers that cover 16 countries.

We found SecurityKiss fairly feature-rich as compared to other average VPN providers. Its free plan offers greater functionality for common applications. It is also easy to set up and use.

One thing that does limit SecurityKiss is its small geographical coverage. Some users might also be wary of the minimal logging that it does. If not for these issues, we might have considered adding SecurityKiss to our recommended list of VPN providers.


SecurityKiss’s feature set is a standard one, but has some notable features like:

  • Email client access
  • Unlimited switching
  • VoIP and video chat support
  • Support for transfer protocols like SSH, FTP, and RDP

These features give SecurityKiss additional functionalities that are not usually seen among regular providers.

A particular feature that SecurityKiss touts a lot is exclusive tunneling. This feature prevents the sending of data packets over unsecured connections in cases of VPN connection drops, which, to be honest, sounds exactly like the kill switch feature offered by many providers. This provides additional protection when transmitting sensitive data over the Internet.

Free plan

SecurityKiss is one of the few providers that offer a separate free plan. The plan lets you access four different servers. You also get to enjoy most of SecurityKiss’ features, except the special ones we mentioned above. The catch is that you’re limited to 300 Mb per day, which is really not much at all.

One great thing about the free plan is that you don’t need to register to use it. All you have to do is download the client software and connect.

SecurityKiss App

The company also says the free version does not contain ads, letting you browse without interruptions. You can use it for as long as you like, and even if you have a paid subscription, until you reach the 300 Mb per day limit.

Servers and countries

SecurityKiss has 104 servers that cover 16 countries, including:

  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Singapore

The size of the network is decent, as is the server distribution. The countries covered, however, are mostly in America or Europe. If you need a broader global coverage, you might want to opt for a bigger provider like IPVanish. This one covers 60 countries and has 1,300 servers, giving you more location options.

Speed and reliability

SecurityKiss claims to have an upper bandwidth limit of 100 Mbps. This is decent, but the best VPNs claim to have 1 Gbps which is 1000 Mbps. At the very least, it’s good to actually see a VPN make speed claims so that users have a basis of comparison.

The provider allows unlimited server switching on all of its plans, including its free version. This makes it easier for you to find a suitable server and maintain a stable connection. The free plan is a decent option for simple applications like anonymous browsing, but it has a strict bandwidth limit of 300MB per day.

Pricing and payment

SecurityKiss offers four paid plan tiers. The main differences between these tiers are the number of available servers and data transfer limit, as shown below. Note that the Green plan is the free plan.

SecurityKiss Subscription Tiers

You can choose four different subscription periods for each tier, with the prices shown below.

SecurityKiss Pricing Plans

The large selection of plans will help you find one that suits your budget and specific needs. To look at their pricing more pragmatically, the cheap prices have hard data caps. Those are good prices, but a company like CyberGhost offers comparable prices with no data caps. Compare them and make your choice.

You can pay using credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and WebMoney. Your account will automatically be activated once the site receives your payment.


SecurityKiss mainly provides customer support through email. You can send your questions and inquiries to support@securitykiss.com. There is also a support ticket option. Do note that the site does not give an estimated response time so the waiting time may vary.

The site has an FAQ section for quick references. This section is rather lengthy, covering lots of subtopics. You can also refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for certain issues. This guide covers setup and configurations for different protocols.

Logging and policies

SecurityKiss states that it only does minimal logging to monitor your service usage. The information logged by the site are:

  • Your IP address
  • Time and duration of your session
  • Bandwidth used during the session

Beyond these pieces of information, the site says that logging user activity files is hard due to the large amount of transferred data. The site also says that it deletes the logs after 10 days.

These terms are fairly decent, but some users might still be concerned about the presence of logs. If you are unsure of this, we suggest that you compare SecurityKiss with the providers in our no-logs VPN list to see how it fares.

Expert recommendations

One thing we liked in our SecurityKiss review was the free plan they offered. While it’s limited, it is still one of the more functional free plans we have seen. The paid plans are also competitive, with the site having features not usually seen with providers within its category.

The big letdown with the provider is the size of its network. While it has a decent number of servers, the countries it covers are limited to only two regions. This gives users fewer location options. If you want a provider that has more capabilities and larger coverage, we recommend you check our top 10 list for alternatives.

SecurityKiss Review