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Strong VPN Review

Strong VPN

Strong VPN

Strong VPN
Starting Price
$5.83 / Month (Billed Annual (Grab this Deal)
Customer Rating
Our Rating
#3 for Android
#6 for China
#5 for Home
#5 for iOS
#1 for Kodi
#11 for Mac
#6 for Netflix
#1 for Router
#12 for Torrenting
#11 for Windows
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  • Features
  • Servers & Countries
  • Reliability & Speed test
  • Pricing & Payments
  • Support
  • Policies & Logging
  • Expert Recommendation

Strong VPN In a Nutshell

StrongVPN offers an extremely reliable VPN service, with an extensive network of servers in 24 different countries worldwide. Unlike most VPN companies, Strong VPN has been in business since 1994, giving the company a long history of experience with the online business environment. Their virtual private network is large, consisting of over 53,000 IPs on 684 servers in 24 countries. StrongVPN offers a variety of packages, each with different features.

Reliability & Speed Tests

StrongVPN is faster than most VPN providers we tested. Our normal download speed (without a VPN) was about 11mbsp at the time of testing this service. Using StrongVPN VPN, our average internet speed was about 9 ~ 10 mbps; just an 85-90% difference. This is right around the average for most mid-grade VPN providers. Reliability was also well above-average, with very few dropped connections after months of testing their various servers.

Pricing & Payments

Strong VPN offers three different price points.The only difference between them is how often you are billed; the longer you sign up for the cheaper your monthly fee. You received the same great service no matter which plan you choose:

    • $5.83 per month, billed yearly
    • $8 per month, billed every three months
    • $10 per month, billed monthly
You don't have to worry, no matter which plan you choose you are getting access to all of the same features. It is recommended that you go for the longest plan as they also have a 7 day money back guarantee.


The Strong VPN software is the most not the most ground-breaking VPN client we have tried, but it does cover your basic needs. Here are the major features they provide:

  • You will be able to bypass location-based censorship

  • A killswitch will protect your torrents when your connection to the VPN drops

  • IP scrambling/switching is available

  • 2048 bit encryption

These are all features expected of any VPN which is worth its fee.

Servers & Countries

One of the most notable things about Strong VPN is their extensive server network. They have 680+ servers in 24 countries, and growing. They feature servers in important countries for location blocking, such as Canada, USA, Australia, England, the Netherlands, and many more for those abroad. They also manage to get into a few lesser frequented countries, such as Israel, Turkey and South Korea.


StrongVPn are joining many other VPn providers by offering three tiers of customer support:

  • Large FAQ Section: The first level of support they offer is a very large FAQ section. 90% of the time you will be able to find the answers to your problems here, completely negating any need to speak to their customer support staff.

  • Form/email: You can speak with their support staff by filling out a form which starts an email chain. This is helpful for having documentation to refer back to if you forget how to fix the issue, or if it recurs again.

  • Live chat: This is best for billing issues and not actual troubleshooting as they will just send you to the FAQ, or cut/paste answers from there.

All forms of customer support were found to be adequate. Our preference was for email simply because it gave us documentation to refer back to.

Policies & Logging

Money back guarantee, for any reason!

StrongVPN offers a 7 day money back guarantee on their VPN service. While we have not needed to request a refund, we have heard from users that they are receiving refunds within 3 – 5 days.

Protect against hackers, but not completely private

StrongVPN keeps you anonymous and secure whenever you’re online, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely private from every possible form of tracking. StrongVPN does log time, date, and location data to track abuses such as spam. They state that they will cooperate with Law Enforcement to track down hackers and fraudsters using their service when they are issued a subpoena or court order. According to StrongVPN:

“We only log the times you connect and disconnect from our service. We do not log what activity you get up to behind our VPN service, such as what websites you visit and who you talk to.”

Technical Assessment

Expert Recommendation

StrongVPN offers one of the most comprehensive VPN services in the world. Their network is good, spanning 24 popular countries, while still retaining adequate speed and reliability. StrongVPN’s VPN software is adequate, but switching between servers is clunky. Their pricing is about average, but you really get a great VPN service in return.

We would recommend StrongVPN for most users, especially if your main usage is browsing, video/music streaming (such as Netflix), or traveling internationally while wanting to unlock content in your home country.

They do not rank higher because nothing that they do really stands out. Their software is adequate, but doesn't have the advanced features or smooth functionality of those which we rank higher. They don't have an excessive exceptional price for this lower level of client, so they are going to remain ranking right around mid-pack.

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