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Surfshark Adds New VPN Privacy Features to App

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Surfshark VPN is getting ready to release two new features for its VPN client which will push it beyond the normal VPN feature set. This exciting development will see them launch these features by mid-June.

Surfshark adds to VPN feature library

There are two features coming from Surfshark shortly:

  • HackLock: This tool will look to protect against ID theft. It will detect for traces of your hacked personal information found online and alert you to it. The plan is for this to grow into a complete ID theft protection system.
  • BlindSearch: This private search tool is ad-free, meaning it will only display totally organic search results. There will be no historic memory either, meaning you’re not being tracked as you search. This is similar to DuckDuckGo.

These two new features are innovative. We can only think of Norton’s Lifelock to compare HackLock to, and there are no BlindSearch comparisons coming directly from a VPN provider. This allows you to do even more with your VPN account.

What do these additional features mean for Surfshark users?

Surfshark hasn’t been one of our best reviewed VPNs around here, seeing as how they started in 2018, and have little experience, this isn’t a surprise. While we still don’t feel that they’re ready to be moved into our Top 10 VPN Providers list, they are certainly showing that we all need to pay attention to them as they are not resting.

These features should work well with their other unique features:

  • Cleanweb: This is their ad and tracker-blocking tool.
  • Whitelister: You can use this to allow apps or browsers to bypass the VPN connection.
  • Camouflage Mode: Hides the fact that you’re using a VPN from your ISP.

Surfshark is certainly building a list of unique features, which is strengthening their overall offering of standard VPN features:

surfshark review features

Surfshark’s unveiling of these features will be gradual, but expect them in the coming months. If they keep this up we will have little choice but to rank them better on all of our lists!