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The Most Downloaded Movies of April 1, 2016

Movie lovers and haters alike, welcome to what is definitely not an April Fool’s day jokes: The ten most downloaded movies for April 1, 2016! The list goes full on nerd with the top three movies all being geek-based franchises, it’s a good time to be alive and a comic book fan!

You just can’t stop (or kill) this guy: Deadpool, the Merc with a mouth, is at the top of the list for the second week in a row! This is largely because everyone discovered a new 720p version, faster to download than the 1080p from last week, and still better quality than a handcam. See it in theatres, or be doomed to a hell of good movies never seeing the light of day. The latest Star Wars also kept it’s spot at number 2 for another week, a certain must-see in theatres.

Perhaps the most controversial movie to come along in the comic book world is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Opinions are flying, and as you can plainly see there’s a discrepancy between the critics’ review and the audience’s review. I’m a decades long comic book reader, I’d say it’s worth a watch if only to settle the age old argument: Who’s really win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

It’s sad to see True Deception on the list as it isn’t supposed to release until April 25. The James Franco lead movie does look good as it’s based on a well-regarded book. it was a made for TV movie, but why not? The most disappointing movie on the list has to be Misconduct. It stars Al Pacino AND Anthony Hopkins, but has been brutalized by critics and audiences alike.

Just to remind all of my readers: This list is only for your informational purposes. I do not recommend that you download movies illegally, I highly recommend going to your local theatre if the movie is still out, and I can’t say that you should ever use any copyright protected p2p torrents. If you do so, it would be smart to protect yourself against a DMCA notice arriving. Do this with one of the VPN providers which will hide and encrypt all of your online activities below.

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I build this list for you every week using aggregate data pulled from a number of meta-search engines for torrents. All of the information that you read here is for funsies, and your information only. No one here at BVP promotes the distribution of copyrighted materials.