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The Most Downloaded Movies of April 15, 2016

This most downloaded movies list this week, April 15, 2016, has seen man new and interesting additions. It was stagnant the last two weeks before this, but not this week! Major shakeups, and interesting new movies to consider watching this weekend are discussed.

I think I’m running out of things to say about this movie …No, wait: DEADPOOL IS AWESOME! It is, without a doubt, the biggest surprise of the movie going year, and if it wasn’t for a certain galaxy far, far away, it could have been the best movie of the last 12 months. Audiences went nuts for it in theatres, and you’re still downloading it at home to the tune of our top spot for, what’s it, the third week in a row now? Captain Deaaadpooool, nah, just Deadpool.

There many new additions to the list this week as audiences are looking for something new to watch. We’ve got a silly Anna Kendrik movie in Mr. Right, an innovative first-person shoot ’em up in Hardcore Henry (a very adults only affair with drugs and hookers), and the new Jungle Book Movie. This last movie is getting absolutely crazy good reviews, take your kids to see it in theatres!

A movie that I was not expecting to see on the list at all this week was I Am Wrath. Not even the critics have had a crack at reviewing that movie yet. But it stars a vengeful John Travolta who is ex-special ops going after a gang member who kills his wife. Revenge of Vincent Vega, maybe? If you see it, leave your review in the comments below as I have nothing but the description to go on and I’m sure all my readers would like to know if it’s worth the time.

To tell this to all of my readers out there again: This list is only for informational purposes. I don’t recommend that you download movies illegally. If you make the choice to do p2p or torrenting, it would be in your best interest to protect yourself against a DMCA notice. Do this with one of the VPN providers I recommend by clicking the button below. They will hide and encrypt all of your online activities, including p2p/torrenting.

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I build this list using aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines for p2p and torrents. All of the information that you read here is for informational purposes only. No one here at BVP promotes the distribution of any copyrighted materials.