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The Most Downloaded Movies of April 8, 2016

Greetings one and all to the absolute most comprehensive, most thorough, mostly unread (tweet your friends!) list of the most downloaded movies of April 8, 2016! The nerd-fest continues as three well known comic book and sci-fi franchises maintain a tight grip on the top three spots for the second week in a row! All those hours spent in comic book shops are paying off for me…

The absolute runaway success of Deadpool continues, and will continue into your homes on May 10 when it releases on DVD. Yep, this list is all about downloads, but I’m appealing to you to make sure there’s a Deadpool two, three, and more. We all know that the Star Wars movies will keep on rolling out sequels, and it’s place at number two on the list is a strong indication of fan reaction to this movie: We really, really liked it. The third geek movie, Batman v Superman… I still have mixed reactions. Comment below with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from other lifelong comic book readers.

A surprising movie to see on the list is Hail Caesar. It’s a new comedy in theatres which is being lauded by critics, but theatre goers seem indifferent to it. With the Coen Brothers directing it, the movie is sure to find that niche audience which will push it into ‘cult classic’ like many of their other films. Contrasting this film is the other movie that hasn’t been on our list before: The Finest Hours. It’s about a rescue of an oil tanker in 1952, and has pretty average reviews around the 60% mark. Returning to the list at number eight is The Big Short. Do you think that this movie about financial criminality has come back thanks to the financial misconduct revealed in the Panama Papers?

As a remind to all of my readers out there: This list is only for informational purposes. I don’t recommend that you, or encourage you to, download movies illegally. Go to your local theatre if the movie’s still out! It’s hella fun! If you do choose to do p2p or torrenting, it would be quite smart to protect yourself against a DMCA notice arriving at your home. Do this with one of the VPN providers I recommend at the button below. They will hide and encrypt all of your online activities.

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I build this list every single week using aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines for torrents. All of the information that you read here is for your information only. No one at BVP promotes the distribution of any copyrighted materials via p2p.