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The Most Downloaded Movies of March 4, 2016

Hello, and welcome to another interesting edition of what you, the people’s of the Internet, downloaded the most this week. In a surprise move, Kung Fu Panda 3 found itself at the top of the heap after last week being ranked third! Why did you all suddenly get so interested in a panda?

There were three really interesting new additions to the top ten most downloaded movies list this week. The top ranking one is Gods of Egypt. An absolutely despised movie. Are you all hate-watching it out there? Or maybe you want to join in the complaining intelligently? Either way, it hit number two! Dudes and Dragons is a really astonishing film to see on the list. It’s an IndieGoGo funded independent film that doesn’t even have an entry on Rotten Tomatoes yet! Last, there’s Crouching Tiger too long name, which is being panned by critics and viewers alike.

Still on the table is Deadpool. Please do yourself a favour and see it in theatres before you download. The big screen experienced is necessary for the brutal, bloody, and delightful violence. My biggest surprise was probably seeing The Revenant only rising to third. With Leonardo’s big Oscar win, I thought it would take top honours. Nope. Lost to a panda…

I’d like to remind you that this is for your information only. I do not recommend downloading illegal torrents. If you choose to, you must protect yourself against a DMCA notice, with a VPN provider which will mask your activities.

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This list is built using aggregate data pulled from meta-search engines for torrent discovery. All information is here for your information only, we do not promote the distribution of copyrighted materials.