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Trust Zone VPN Review

Before you buy a VPN suitable for Your Needs from the first company you find, check the reviews. We test, review and rate the top services for Trust Zone Vpn Review. We want to make sure you get the highest quality Trust Zone Vpn Review, the fastest turnaround time, the best support, the lowest price, and the guarantees to back it up. Don’t waste your money on scams or poor-quality providers.

Avoid the scams and use the services that actually work below:

Trust Zone VPN is a solid VPN provider that is dedicated to making a name in the VPN industry. It relies on top-notch encryption and a no-logging ensure users that they are being protected.

Created in 2014 by a company called Trusted Solutions, LLC, Trust Zone VPN is a VPN provider based in Seychelles. This provider offers a fine set of features, its customer support care is admirable, and it also treats the privacy of its customers with utmost respect, especially since the Seychelles have no laws requiring data retention.

It has 170+ servers in 95+ locations around the world, and it claims that its services are particularly useful for bypassing content restrictions because of this. They support torrenting. The company has a 10-day money-back guarantee, which is not the most flexible refund policy we’ve seen. While they are a decent VPN provider, they have failed to reach the heights of our Top 10 VPN providers.


There are certain traits to look for when choosing a VPN provider, such as security, support for geo-unblocking and P2P networking, and having a no-logging policy. With that being said, let’s check the features listed on Trust Zone VPN’s website:

  • Prevents your ISP from tracking your every move
  • No-logging policy
  • Unlimited speed
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • OpenVPN and L2TP protocols
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • P2P networking supported
  • DNS leak protection
  • Available on Windows, iOS, Android, and MacOS
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Supported in five languages: English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and French

Trust Zone VPN has most of the basic features we deem important. Everything other than these features can be considered a bonus. Don’t ever settle for a VPN that doesn’t offer at least these fundamental features.

Servers & countries

Trust Zone VPN doesn’t have the most expansive server network, but it sure covers a lot of ground. It currently has 171 servers in 96 locations around the world. While the company may not have the biggest network, most of its servers are strategically placed in the US and Europe, including in these popular countries:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • The US
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Trust Zone VPN claims that its VPN is perfectly suited for streaming popular shows, like “Game Of Thrones,” wherever you are.

Trust Zone VPN Servers

Trust Zone VPN recommends using static dedicated IP addresses to bypass content restrictions. Given their limited server numbers, we can’t put them on our list of the Best VPNs for Geo-Unblocking at this time.

Speed & reliability

The quality of a VPN provider is also measured by how fast and reliable its VPN connection is. Trust Zone VPN claims on its website that it offers unlimited speed and bandwidth, but is that true? In its FAQ section, Trust Zone VPN suggests that if you do experience slow connections, you can do the following:

  • Check what VPN zone you’re currently using. It recommends connecting to the VPN zones that are closest to you.
  • Each zone may contain several servers. Sometimes, you can experience different VPN speeds in the same zone. That means connection speed may differ from one VPN server to another.

Connection speed and stability are two vital metrics. It is important for a provider to offer decent speeds so that you can fully enjoy torrenting and streaming without any interruptions.

Pricing & payments

Trust Zone VPN offers several paid options, but it also allows users to try its services for free. That is probably a wise thing to do because many users want to give the VPN a “test run” before they commit to a long-term subscription. Here are the pricing plans offered by Trust Zone VPN:

  • Free test: 142 locations; one GB transfer data; maximum three days of use; one simultaneous connection.
  • One month: $8.99; 171 locations; unlimited GB transfer data; three simultaneous connection.
  • One year: $3.33; 171 locations; unlimited GB transfer data; three simultaneous connection.
  • Two years: $2.88; 171 locations; unlimited GB transfer data; five simultaneous connection.
Trust Zone VPN Pricing

All paid plans have no data cap and unlimited server switching. All plans, including the free version, come with unlimited bandwidth and one click-install-and-run software. The biggest savings come with the two-year subscription plan where users can save up to 68%. Users can also choose to customize their plans and add additional features of their choosing.

Payments can be made through Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, credit cards, and PayPro Global.


Another metric that is vital in the ranking of VPN provides is customer support. We can’t stress this enough—customer support care is the decisive factor that stretches a line between good and bad VPN providers. Let’s see what kind of customer support Trust Zone VPN offers:

Trust Zone VPN review
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Troubleshooting
  • Setup guides
  • Manual
  • Contact us page
  • Twitter support

The lack of a live chat feature poses a problem, but the company has plenty of useful content stored on its blog and FAQ section. In case you have any issues, you can always reach customer support which is available Mondays to Fridays from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT +0. All in all, this is decent customer support, but without a live chat feature, we can’t rank Trust Zone VPN as great.

Policies & protections

Solid customer protection policies are important because you want a provider who won’t collect and then trade, sell, or rent your personal information while you’re using its services. Here are the customer protection policies offered by Trust Zone VPN:

  • Privacy policy: Trust Zone VPN collects only your email address when you register. All third-party payment processers can store specific information about your payments. The provider also uses cookies, but it doesn’t store any personal information.
  • Refund policy: If you are unsatisfied with Trust Zone VPN’s services, you can submit a written email request within the first 10 days of your contract, stating that you wish to cancel. You will be granted a full refund if you haven’t used more than one GB of data during those 10 days. If you have exceeded the one-GB limit, you can still request a partial refund. It can take up to 20 days for refunds to be granted.
  • No-logging policy: Trust Zone VPN does not store any log files and strives to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.

These are pretty standard customer protection policies, and we especially liked the company’s no-logging policy. We do have to wonder why they have unlimited data but still admit to tracking data use. This makes sense for free users, but not paid.

Expert recommendation

We conclude this Trust Zone VPN review by stating that Trust Zone VPN is a reliable VPN provider. We liked how it offers high-quality features such as strong encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. Trust Zone VPN is clear about protecting the privacy of its users with a no-log policy. We like this, and hope that they improve their overall VPN service soon to be included in our list of the Top 5 No-Log VPN Providers.

It explicitly states that it supports P2P networking, which is a good thing. It also offers unlimited speed and bandwidth. Both of these are in their favor, but not quite enough to earn them a spot in our Top 5 VPNs for Torrenting list.

There are a few things we think the company could improve, like adding a live chat support feature, and expanding the server network. Other than that, Trust Zone VPN doesn’t have many flaws. All in all, we like this provider, but acknowledge that there are better overall VPNs available right now.


How Do We Rate VPNs?

Our ratings for trust zone vpn review are based on our professional experience and extensive tests with VPN providers between April 2014 – July 2014, taking into account user feedback and reviews we receive. As a friendly disclosure, some VPN providers do compensate us for customers we refer them, but this in no way effects their ranking on our website, nor our reviews.


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