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VyprVPN In a Nutshell

VyprVPN is owned and operated by the Golden Frog Network. Members of this Internet savvy company have been serving the online community since 1994. They are incorporated in Meggen, Switzerland, with offices in the USA as well. In addition to having a top-notch VPN service, the team is working closely with SpiderOak, an encrypted data storage solution recommended by Edward Snowden, to protect their user’s data further.
They do not, however, allow p2p file sharing or torrenting, and they log user activity.

Reliability & Speed Tests

Our initial reaction is that there is little to no difference in using the Internet with or without their service in terms of speed. The connection used on the day of testing had a 2Mbps cap imposed upon it. Here are the speed test results without VyprVPN: vyprvpn server speeds no connection With VyprVPN using a USA server vyprvpn speed test With VyprVPN using a UK server Vyprvpn speed test uk After a full day of use, no disconnections occurred with the chosen server. A number of other servers were used for a period of a few hours with similar results. Upon the second day of testing, two disconnections from the service occurred. If there was any sort of ongoing issue it was with slight pixelation of videos when they first began to load, or were interrupted by advertisements. Over weeks of testing, reliability was very high as VyprVPN could stay connected for entire days without a single issue.

Pricing & Payments

VyprVPN has two basic billing structures:

  • $5/month for the basic service billed monthly.
  • $6.67/ month for the Premium service.
The Basic monthly service offers unlimited data, and 3 connections at once. This is a pretty standard deal for most VPN providers. The Premium monthly service offers unlimited data, 5 connections at once, VyprVPN Cloud, and Vypr VPN's exclusive Chameleon Encryption protocol. Both offer a 3 day free trial so that you can see which is right for you. This premium service is at a higher price for sure, but you are getting some tools which other providers do not have.


VyprVPN have their own custom-built VPN client, with powerful features such as:

  • Multiple protocol selection

  • NAT Firewall for more security

  • Multiple app integration

  • Chameleon encryption for blocking

Their software is intuitive to use, and doesn't take up too much system resources while running.

Perhaps the biggest selling point is their Chameleon encryption technology. They claim that it is able to defeat anyone who tries to throttle VPN traffic, a very rare phenomenon in our experience.

vyprvpn chameleon encryption

However, those in restrictive or oppressive countries could very well see benefits from this. Those in China, and other VPn censoring countries, would be wise to try it as we have heard of some positive results.

Servers & Countries

VyprVPN has 700+ servers in 60+ countries, and an astonishing 200,000+ IP addresses. Given that they allow unlimited server switching, it could be a long time before you use the same IP address twice.

With a good spread of servers across the world, with large nodes in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand, and a smaller one in South America, VyprVPN offers a good deal of options for everyone. Holding them back in this regard is their complete lack of any servers in any African country south of Egypt.
VYPRVPN server locations


Support comes in three different ways:

Email: This is the best way as they have an eager team of customer support agents, all thanks to their larger parent company Golden Frog Network. You can expect responses in the range of 2-3 hours, or quicker.

FAQ/Forum: The FAQ page for VyprVPN looks like something that would be able to teach you how to build a car from scratch. It is well organized by topic, operating system, and has a huge manual setup section.

Live chat: A limited feature for quick questions and answers. This is not the best place to go for serious help.

Both options are good enough to get the job done, but their recent addition of live chat support puts them on par with any other VPN provider. On a good day though, their email support will handle all of your needs.

Policies & Logging

VyprVPN does many things very well, and their partnership with SpiderOak can do plenty for those with higher information security needs.

With all of their years of experience in the Internet industry, VyprVPN offers you a complete service all within their company – no third parties ever handle anything that you do with them. From billing, to the service itself, everything is operated by VyprVPN and the Golden Frog Network parent company.

VyprVPN can not be recommended to those who wish to do P2P file sharing as it is against their Terms of Service. With their logging policy clearly established, it is not hacker or spammer friendly at all, and they will work with police when a subpoena is presented to them.

VyprVPN will work great for those who want to do general browsing, video streaming, unlock geo-blocked content, and protect their connection. With their above-average pricing, but extra features, you get your money’s worth when you choose VyprVPN as your VPN provider.

Technical Assessment

Expert Recommendation

VyprVPN does many things very well, and their partnership with SpiderOak for encrypted storage is a real bonus. Use it if you need encrypted storage that is also transported with top-notch encryption.

With 15+ years of experience in the Internet industry, and a strong dedication to privacy from spying, VyprVPN offers you an exceptional Tier-1 network. Everything you do with them, including billing, their server network, and support, is handled by VyprVPN and the Golden Frog Network parent company.

VyprVPN can't be recommended to those who wish to do torrenting or P2P file sharing. This against their Terms of Service. With their logging policy also clearly established, it is not hacker or spammer friendly at all. They will use their logs to work with law enforcement when a subpoena is presented to them.

VyprVPN is recommended for those who want to do general browsing, video streaming, and to unlock geo-blocked content. It is also great on public Wi-Fi for anti-hacker defense. They have above-average pricing, but their extra features and Tier-1 network do make them a good deal if you are looking for exactly what they offer.

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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by ron on VyprVPN

software is easy to use, but their UK VPN blows. High latency and lack of proper support for streaming media on port 1925. In 2014 it was a bit sketchy, but it worked. By the end of the year and in 2015 it wouldn't work nicely with the BBC iplayer anymore. The BBC is always updating their backend on a monthly basis and most VPN providers don't support the iOS properly to permit good bandwidth to their CDNs. vyprvpn is no exception. They only offer one UK IP. They do however offer a lot of access to other countries. If all you need to do is surf the web their service is fine, yet overpriced. If you rely on streaming media forget it and look elsewhere.

by Mauricio on VyprVPN

I've been a customer of VyprVPN for about a month and I'm completely sold on it. It's by far the fastest and most reliable VPN I've ever used. I haven't had any slow downs, including while playing my PS4 and downloading large files. I recommend it, for sure!

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