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Watch Champions League Soccer Online for Free!

The 2017/2018 Champions League football tournament is already underway. Football and soccer fans the world over are highly anticipating many exciting matches this year. No matter where you are around the globe, there is a way for you to watch Champions Lee soccer online. These are the Champiiiioooooons, the champiiioooonnnssss!!!

Watch Champions League soccer online

If you want to watch champions league soccer online, there are many different options available to you. Unfortunately, many of them are blocked due to geo-restrictions. This prevents you from watching the content if you are not in the correct country.

Fortunately, you can unlock this by using a VPN service. These tools will give you an IP address from within the country you need. A great VPN provider for this is IPVanish VPN as it has servers present in so many countries.

Paid options to watch Champions League soccer online

Once you have a VPN, you may as well have a way to watch some of the games with paid options. They are all restricted based on your location. You have to be in the host country of the network to watch it… Unless you have a VPN. Here are some of the best ones:

  • FoxSoccer MatchPass: Fox has all of the rights to Champions League games in the USA. The company charges $20 per month (which is a bit much). With this subscription, you get to watch all 145 Champions League matches as well as Europa League and Bundesliga matches. You can try the seven-day free trial if you want to try out how it works. It is available on Roku, Android, Xbox One, Chromecast, and iOS devices.
  • Sling TV: This is a cord cutting the service which will give you access to Fox Sports 1 and 2. It is also $20 per month, but it will give you access to many other popular sports networks such as ESPN and NFL Network.
  • BT Sport: This is the network which has all Champions League broadcasting rights in the UK. Unfortunately, you must have a cable subscription in the UK to watch this. For those who do have a subscription, they can ‘travel abroad’ with a VPN. They can be virtually inside of the UK as their foreign IP address won’t be blocked. I am going to recommend that if you do not live in the UK, you look at the subscription options or keep reading for ways to watch Champions League soccer online for free.

These are all fine and perfectly legal ways to watch Champions League soccer online. They’re guaranteed to work, but what if you cannot afford them…

Watch Champions League soccer online for free

First, there is always a risk of watching illegal streams online. Your ISP can easily track you and give you a DMCA notice if they feel the need or are compelled. Your VPN will once again save you here because it encrypts your communications so that your ISP cannot spy on you.

Unfortunately, the best place to find streams is up in the air. For the longest time, everyone used Reddit, but its most famous subreddit for soccer streaming was closed down in January or 2019. Now, you’ll have to rely upon Google searches for streams. Good luck out there, I’ll update this if anything turns up that’s trustworthy and reliable.

Use a VPN to Watch Champions League Football

Unblocking any of the streaming services below requires an active Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the US or UK (depending on your streaming method). You can read more about VPNs in this handy beginner’s guide. Already know plenty about VPNs? Then be sure to choose one which is great for streaming, three of our favourite are listed below!

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For those outside the USA or UK, you can actually use a VPN to mimic the location of someone in the US who can watch free, high-quality streams. Examples include:

  • FoxSoccerMatchPass (USA)
  • Sling TV (USA)
  • BT Sport (UK)

Once connected, go to the streaming service you’ve selected, and sign up. Once that’s done, you’re all set to start streaming!

Note: Stay connected to the VPN while streaming to avoid any playback issues. You can disconnect from the VPN when you are done streaming!