The 10 Worst Computer Viruses to Ever Infect Networks

Some computer viruses have been playful, like the original computer virus known as the Elk Cloner. It infected the Apple II machines way back in 1982, and was mostly for a laugh. Computer viruses of the modern age, however, have been much more damaging and costly. Some of the worst computer viruses cause millions in damages.

Let’s look at 10 computer viruses that were costly, rather than annoying, and maybe even educate ourselves about computer security a little.
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The Best Computer Security Software to Use in 2017

Choosing the right computer security software for 2017 is an essential step we all must take. Malware, viruses, grant somewhere, are all becoming more prominent as hackers find new ways to make money.

The computer security software which we will look at in this article we’ll be able to protect you from nearly every single problem you will face online. Using them will help ensure that you protect yourself against a wide variety of threats, while also encrypting your communications.
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5 Best Virus Protection Apps for iPhone 2017

Choosing the best virus protection apps for your iPhone is very important. Too many people believe that their iPhone is in vulnerable.This is simply not the case as there are all kinds of malware out there that can cause you to lose money, or even your entire iPhone.
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The 6 Worst Online Security Threats: Be Aware or be Hacked

2016 is nearly over, and if it has taught us anything it is that we have to take online security threats seriously. From popular TV shows, to music, to the DDoS attack on a prominent cyber security expert, to the presidential election, we have been shown time and time again online security poses real threats to everyone.

2016 has been the year that online security threats have been the most thrust into the headlines of world news. Here is hoping that 2017 is the year that people actually read about these online security threats, and then actually take action to do something about them.
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The 5 Best Password Managers: Protect your Passwords

It is long past the time to use common words, or the dreaded 123456, as your password. You need to start creating a number of different passwords that are strong. The absolute worst thing about creating a wide variety of strong passwords is remembering them. Fortunately for you the best password managers can take on this task for you.

I’m going to look at five password managers that can help you create much stronger passwords, store them securely with encryption, and enter them easily through encrypted connections. Using strong passwords is still one of your number one priorities an online security, read this list and you have no more excuses to slack on creating better passwords.
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